Letter To My Husband: For My Husband To Be

Dear Francisco My Love,

We have been best friends since we met, our encounter was of God and becoming friends was a blessing I can’t compare to any other. You and I both have had our struggles whether it be conflicts between us, financial stress, or simply not spending enough quality time together.

One thing I never take for granted is being able to run to your arms and feel comfort at the end of the day no matter what happened that day. But above all else trial after trial, we become stronger than before.

I thank God for putting you into my life.

I wish to grow in the Lord with you and believe in fairytales with you. You be my prince and I will gladly be your princess. Life has been completely amazing with you in it. One day without you makes me snap and realize I cannot live a single day without the love, comprehension, hugs, kisses, cuddles, memories, secrets, whispers, letters, smiles and laughs that we enjoy together.

I know everyone makes mistakes and my worst mistake has been to bombard you with negative comments when you make a simple mistake. I’m sorry for being so hard on you sweetheart.

God had been convicting me about not respecting you like I should. God is helping me prepare myself to be the best wife I can be to you. Thank you for giving me the chance to enter your life and be the center of your world!

I love you, appreciate you and trust you,


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