Letter To My Husband – Day By Day

Dear Eric,

We’ve been married for 1 year and 3 months. When I say it like that, it I realize it’s not long at all, and yet how much growth, refinement, pain, joy, beauty, adoration, love and grace have been filled into that time. I feel like we’ve experienced a lifetime, but by God’s grace we still have far to go together.

Your humbleness and generosity have not gone unseen. Daily you teach me more and more the gift of being selfless. Doing things for you and with you is my joy, I want to live a life as a woman who spills out her most precious and valuable gifts for those she loves, and you make that possible every day. Sadly, you often think of yourself as a burden to me, holding me back from my dreams, but I can tell you with absolute certainty… my dreams always had a void until I met you. Now that we have knit our lives together I know that God’s calling on my life will come to a beautiful fruition. Being with you was the first time in my life I knew without a doubt I was doing the Lord’s will and that I was on exactly the right path. I never felt that before, but I have felt it ever since!

Thank you for always supporting me and putting me first, for drying my tears, for putting up with my crazy personality and constant energy even when you’re exhausted. Thank you for going to work at a job that can often times be thankless and working 50 hours a week to make sure we make it through. Thank you for being the practical thinker and guardian. Thank you for all your patience and above all for your heart that has arms open for children and hands open for giving.

I look forward to every year, every day, and every minute of life here with you.

All my love,

One year anniversary

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