Letter To My Husband – Case

You, my dearest husband, are my memorial. Your wisdom and your understanding of things incomprehensible to me is far above the standards of this world. Your patience and kindness when helping me comprehend the incomprehensible is definitely God given. Your work ethic is something very precious to me because I see how hard you work to provide for us no matter what the cost. The thing is your not perfect, and I’m not either and we each understand that neither of us will ever be perfect. But you make me laugh and you make me think twice on things that need a second thought. Your humble enough to admit your human and make mistakes. I think you for trusting me with a part of you that you know I could break. You make me smile. You make me happy. You make me mad. I miss you when you’re not here. I will love you when there is love to be had and I will love you even when its a choice not a feeling. There are no perfect guys but you and I are perfectly imperfect together. I love you.


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