Letter To My Husband – Better Together


Being your wife this past year and half has been the sweetest time in my life. I knew beforehand that it would not be easy, but I didn’t realize how difficult it is to mesh your life completely with another persons’. I didn’t realize just how much my selfishness and stubbornness would get in the way and how dependent upon God’s grace and your forgiveness I would be daily. I knew marriage to you would bring me happiness, but I could never have imagined the joy I would experience doing life with you day after day. I love watching you sleep soundly after a hard week at work, cuddling with you as we watch a movie together, holding your hand on our beach walks, smiling across campus, or sitting behind you as you drive our motorcycle. God has blessed me with a life full of big adventures and small pleasures, each one sweeter because I share them with YOU.
Thank you for this “year 2” adventure together. For making it a priority to pursue my dream of teaching abroad. Thank you for putting your plans, your dreams, and your career connections on hold so that we could try something new and a bit scary. Thank you for braving the many unknowns and scary third-world encounters. Thank you for keeping a positive attitude and even encouraging me when I get depressed about our life or future. Thank you for being by my side through every tragedy we endure. Thank you for taking care of my on my sick days (and allowing me ‘mental health’ days). Thank you for comforting me and listening to me when I need to vent or cry. There is no one else I want to go to when life gets messy, or exciting, or hard. I want to experience every blessing and every trial with you by my side. And no matter what ‘year 3’ looks like, I am excited to still be with my best friend.

I completely adore you!



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