Letter To My Husband: Another Year Has Gone By

Dear Grant,

On 8 December 2012 we had no idea what the future had in store for us but four years down the line we are still walking side by side. These past four years have been marked by an unmistakable commitment and strong and sure love that surpasses the things that life throws at us. Your heart and soul have always been so patient and understanding with me, you have encouraged and supported me and together we have grown. We have shared many moments both in laughter and pain, but it has made us stronger. I understand you better than I did last year and the year before. The changes that have happened have been for the better. There has been so many blessings. Angelina being the best one. Only the hand of God could ensure that she was born our special day. The future is unknown but it will be ok because I know you are by my side and you will keep my hand tightly in yours as you did that very first day we wed. Never give up on me no matter how difficult I may be. Never lose hope or patience and know that God had a plan and had a reason when He made me yours and you mine. Thank you for everything you do so selflessly, working so hard and putting me and Angelina first. There are still many exciting things ahead of us, things I am excited about… like flying together for the first time! Everything has it’s time and place and God’s timing is perfect. May we continue to always turn to God first so that He may continue to make our path’s straight as husband and wife. Happy 4th Anniversary my love!
Love, Angelica

Our favorite wedding picture

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