Letter To My Husband – After All This Time…

Dear Robbie,

I love you so much and I have been so grateful that we have started implementing a date night. No matter what it is we are doing, it really is good to get out and not just sit in front of the TV and you playing a game or me doing something else. It’s good to be with each other and enjoy each other as a couple; we need to continue to do this even when we do have a kid.

I am so glad we have such a good marriage, and that you are such a wonderful person. I am glad that you are willing to do devotionals together like the Love Dare, and I really do believe having God in our marriage and going to church helps make it even stronger. 7 years married is a long time, and I want to make it even longer.

Thank you for spending 10 years of your precious life with me and I hope you want to spend more years with me. Thank you for being there for me when I lost my dad, you are my rock, I know you will be there for me holding my hand when my mom passes away, and I will be there for you holding your hand, when that sad day comes for you.

All in all, I just love you more than anything more than myself, and even though you frustrate me at times and I know I frustrate you at times as well, I could not live my life without you in it, because you are my life and I enjoy our time together. Thank you for making me your wife. You have given me the best gift, your heart and our life together, and I never want to break either one. Please be patient with me, I know I can be a frustrating and difficult person, and I will be better, but in many ways I am better because of you. And thank you for always supporting me, especially when I wanted to start Wife After God. I can’t imagine my life without you.

Love, Your Wife

The Day we bought our first house..8/6/14

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