Did You Know This Is Happening In Your Marriage Every Day?

Art is my happy place. I believe art is a beautiful gift that this world has the privilege of knowing, seeing and being a part of. Art is the expression of love and every other emotion known to man…and woman of course.

It is the vibrancy of nature, the many hues of blue in the sky, the millions of shades of green that make up a landscape, and the contrast of nature meeting the concrete structures of our modern age.marriage-is-art

It is the richness of oil lying on a canvas, sometimes sprawled out without a care, sometimes wrapped up and hidden within layers.  

It is watercolor bleeding through tiny threads of pressed paper.

It is acrylic. It is mixed media.

It is clay shaped with thoughtfulness and passion.

It is the sound of pleasure that moves the soul.

Art is a part of our everyday lives, whether we notice its purpose or not. Art influences us, comforts us, speaks to us and challenges us whether we notice its intent or not.

Our world is colored brightly and we get to participate in it daily.

My friend was explaining her first year of marriage when these poetic words flowed from her lips,

We are like two different colors blending together creating a new color.” – Natasha A.

A new color.

An unseen, waiting to be discovered, new color. Something that didn’t exist before. A color that couldn’t exist before, because it is a unique blend of two unique shades coming together to make one.

I could see a splash of color hit the middle of the room as she said it. Even though it was a metaphor for marriage, I could see the beauty of what she described.

Then I considered my own marriage. I thought about all the ways my husband and I have been mixed together to make our color. Our special addition to the world. And it is completely unique to us.

If you are married, you too are blending together with your husband every day. In the way that you interact with him, talk with him, look at him, touch him, and every emotion you two share together or experience as a result of interacting with each other…it is art being made. It is your color you are offering to the world. 

Marriage is art. It is going to be messy. Embrace it.

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