Kindness Is A Beautiful Gift Of True Love

Ignite The Fire Of Your Marriage – Week 2

The sun was headed towards the horizon, leaving streaks of different colors painted across the sky. I was laboring in the kitchen with a few of my friends, preparing dinner for everyone on the base. We all took turns serving each other – a joy which everyone seemed to do passionately. We were missionaries in rural Africa being the hands and feet of Jesus.


While I chopped up tomatoes, carrots, and apples for a delicious salad, my husband came in to ask if I could take a break. At first I denied him, taking my responsibility in the kitchen seriously. When he asked again with a grin on his face, I was too curious to see what the occasion was for. The others in the kitchen must have known a little more than I did, encouraging me to take the break.

I grabbed my husband’s hand as he led us through the base. Arriving at our tent he told me to close my eyes, so I did. He continued to lead me inside where I stood with my eyes still closed. All of sudden my ears began to tingle as the strum of a guitar began playing and then my husband’s voice began singing. I couldn’t help but open my eyes, shocked to see him playing and singing the most beautiful worship song.

“Jesus, lover of my soul

All consuming fire is in your gaze

Jesus, I want you to know

I will follow you all of my days

For no one else in history is like you

History itself belongs to you

Alpha and Omega, you have loved me

And I will share eternity with you

It’s all about you, Jesus

And all this is for you

For your glory and your fame

It’s not about me

As if you should do things my way

You alone are God and I surrender to your ways”

Tears filled my eyes as I watched and listened to my husband praise God. I was shocked because my husband didn’t know how to play the guitar. He explained that he knew I really loved to hear worship played on the guitar, so he asked someone on the base to teach him so that he could share that precious moment with me!

The song he chose was incredibly meaningful as we continued to pray that we would follow God and His ways. Although we were only six months married, we desired to experience an extraordinary marriage, completely surrendered to God. To hear my husband sing this song was affirmation for me to follow my husband, as He followed Christ.

 We had encountered a few hardships in marriage from the beginning. The challenges we faced while in Africa added to our burden and the stress we carried daily. During this moment of intimacy my husband told me that nothing would ever be able to tear us apart and that he was willing to go through anything for us. He embraced me in his arms and we prayed together, submitting our marriage before the Lord.

This act by my husband was a random act of kindness. And six years later it stands as one of the most powerful and intimate moments we have ever shared together!


Kindness is doing something nice for someone else. It is putting other people’s needs above your own. It is going above and beyond to encourage someone’s heart. It is not something that needs to be earned, but rather it is a gift. A beautiful and tender gift of true love.

Kindness is a gift that puts a smile on someone else’s face.

I believe a thriving marriage requires kindness. Where husbands and wives intentionally show thoughtfulness by blessing each other. These moments of random kindness are the building blocks of trust, while affirming and strengthening love for one another.

Your random acts of kindness have the power to impact your husband’s life for years to come. Don’t wait to show your husband kindness today!

Week 2 Challenge:

Be intentional about showing your husband kindness this week. Plan a date just for him, treat him to his favorite meal, honor him with your words, and make him feel incredibly special.

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