I’m Just Going To Say It: Women Are…

Let me preface with an understanding how counter cultural this statement is going to be. I know…but it needs to be said!

Women are weaker!women-are-weak

Whew…That felt good to get out! Now can I explain…

During the reconstruction and moving-in process of our house, we have faced many circumstances in which physical exertion is necessary. Strong muscles are necessary. Height is necessary. Knowledge and experience with heavy tools is necessary. I have experienced first hand just how much I am weaker in comparison to my husband.

There have been tasks that I have wanted to do, but can’t, or struggle with extremely as I try. Things like cleaning up huge piles of large pieces of scrap wood from our back yard, moving heavy boxes into the right rooms to be unpacked and organized, grouting tile…the tool used to do this feels like it weighs a ton…and there have been so many other things.

My point here is that sometimes I want to believe I am a superwoman. That I can do more and do more BETTER than my husband. But I was confronted with this move-in process by the fact that I need him. I need my husband’s strength, his endurance, his emotional stability, and his knowledge in my life. I need to know that in some cases I am weaker than him, and embrace that fact instead of trying to do it anyways. I would probably end up straining myself.

This world tells us women can do anything and should do it all, sometimes all by themselves no matter the cost. As much as I cheer women on in their talents and their strengths and their abilities and their passionate pursuits, I also want to acknowledge what a terrible world this would be without our men. Women are strong, but sometimes women are also weak. We need our men. We need their help. We need to love the position of strength they are in our lives.

So instead of believing that I can and should do it all…I am challenging myself to embrace my husband as the strong leader God created him to be, someone who can do the things I can’t and do them well, someone who is strong when I am weak.

The Bible is clear in 1 Peter 3:7:

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.”

Although this verse is directed toward men and I do believe they need to embrace us and live with us with understanding, there is wisdom and truth here for us too. That we are the weaker vessel, still worthy of honor and nothing shameful about it, but nonetheless weaker. In most cases, we are physically more weak and we are way more emotional then men, and this needs to be ok. Let us honor our strengths and weaknesses and embrace the help we need from each other.

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