“I LOVE US” – Writing Personal Letters To Your Man

This scene from 500 Days Of Summer shows a guy who inspired a Hallmark card moment when he looked at his love interest.  Some people just have a special way with words.  And some cards can be very nice, perfectly written, legible, and presentable; however, they lack a certain personal quality.  Be sure that the next time you want to bless your husband with a card, add your personal touch, words from your heart or even hand-make the card with love – you can even keep the theme of “I LOVE US” its clever and gets the point across:) Find inspiration by looking at your man or a picture of you two together.  Giving your husband a card every once in a while, with a personal message, will affirm and encourage him!

Here is card that I made for my husband once!

Wal-Mart or any store that sells  scrap-booking supplies will have everything you need to make your own cards.  They even have blank cards and envelopes that will get you started.  That is what I used for the above card, I glued some colorful fancy paper on top, and added “I LOVE YOU” with cut-outs.

Do you find writing personalized cards to your husband is an easy gift to give or do you find it to be a challenge?

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