I Am Caught In A Love Triangle And You Should Be Too!

That’s right! I am caught in a love triangle! I bet you never would have guessed this marriage blogger would say such a thing, let alone condone that you should be in one too?!

But the truth is, no marriage is truly complete without one..well without this specific one!

The love triangle I am suggesting and referring to is the love between me, my husband and God.

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When I first became a wife, although I desired to honor God in my marriage, I was more focused on pleasing my husband and becoming one with him. I admit that there came a point when my love and devotion toward my husband became an idol in my life, which hindered the intimate relationship between the three of us.

Over the years I have learned what it means to be a Wife After God, a wife who grasps God’s incredible design of marriage, a wife committed to loving and respecting her husband out of reverence for God. One lesson that I have learned is that marriage works the best when I have a strong unity of peace and intimacy in my relationship with God and my husband. It took me years to embrace this truth, but once I did, I understood the amazing value.

It wasn’t that I protested against loving God and my husband and maintaining a healthy relationship with both of them, more so it was that I was not well-equipped to know how to do that. Due to my own expectations, sin, and insecurities I was navigating these relationships blindly, often times responding to them emotionally and irrationally.love

As my husband and I draw closer to God we naturally draw closer to each other. As we mature in our knowledge of who God is and what He desires for our marriage, we are able to communicate better and endure through any type of circumstance. Our hope, faith, and trust are established in God, as well as with each other.

The love triangle is vital for any couple who desires a thriving, God-honoring, and God-centered marriage.

Here are three ways you can actively pursue this love triangle and embrace intimacy in these significant relationships:

  1. Grow To Know God
    There are many different ways to do this whether it is through reading God’s Word or doing a bible study, the goal should be to gain knowledge of who God is, understanding His design for marriage and recognizing what He is doing in your life. I share in depth my journey of growing to know God in my new book The Unveiled Wife which you can order HERE.
  2. Pray Together Daily
    My husband and I established prayer early on in our relationship and it helped save our marriage. When I was angry with God and didn’t feel like praying, my husband carried us through the drought by praying for both of us. I am super grateful because I know God honored and responded to those prayers. I believe prayer is a very intimate act that a husband and wife can do together that invites God into the marriage relationship.
  3. Be Unveiled
    Essentially I am encouraging you to be willing to open your heart to God and your husband fully so that you would make yourself known to them. Being transparent in your relationships leads to true intimacy! Being unveiled is a message that I share about thoroughly in my book The Unveiled Wife that I recommend you get so that you can have a clearer picture of how I opened my heart to be able to embrace true intimacy with God and my husband and firmly establish this love triangle that has radically transformed my life.

So what do you think about this love triangle? Are you in the midst of your own love triangle? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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