I Am A Good Wife

I have been writing on Unveiled Wife since March 2011. I committed to honestly write about my journey of being a Christian wife and the things I am learning about on the way.

There have been some incredible discoveries God has allowed me to see about my character; some through reading His word and others through interactions with my husband.

I have shared many of them with you through this blog. Here is a short list of some of the most life changing realizations I have come to:

As I look back through the catalog of articles on my site, there are many great things that came from me sharing these eye-opening vulnerable posts, such as other wives realizing they have some areas to grow in to as well. Praise God!! Vulnerability and transparency is transforming and powerful! Yet, as I sit in front of my computer right now to once again share what is on my heart, there is one message I keep hearing…

I am a good wife.good-wife

Perhaps God knows I just needed to be reminded of this. Maybe you need to hear these words too!

Just because I share about the mistakes I have made, the secrets, the lies, the hiding, the disrespectful behavior, and all the other areas in my life that are negative and sinful, areas that I am growing in as a wife…does not discount the good, the exceptional, the praise-worthy parts of who I am as a wife.

I am a good wife.

I serve my husband and help him by praying for him, praying with him, parenting alongside him, loving him, affirming him (when I remember to), taking care of random things throughout our home, being my husband’s best friend, doing life together, and the list continues!

I think I wanted to share this with you, the Unveiled Wife Community, especially those of you who have been faithful follows for quite some time now, because I have become really good at seeing my faults and sharing about them, but I admit it is much harder for me to see the good and celebrate.

I want to celebrate. I want to celebrate with you and encourage all of us.

Despite the areas in our life that need growth…we will always have room to grow…we should take time to acknowledge the good. Otherwise the enemy will use our mistakes and our sin to remind us where we fall short, that we are not worthy, that we will never be good enough. We can’t let the enemy feed our insecurities like that. Instead we must celebrate the good!

Take time today to acknowledge the good in your life. From big things to little things, acknowledge and celebrate!

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