My Husband Wrote An Open Letter To Pornography

When I launched Unveiled Wife in 2011, it wasn’t long after that my husband and I realized there was a huge need for husbands to have a place they can go to for marriage resources. With passion to lead men of all ages, in any stage of life they are facing, my husband tackled that need by creating Husband Revolution. I am so proud of him for teaching and affirming husbands, all that The Lord is teaching him! He also has a great team of contributors adding invaluable content for other men to grab hold of and apply to their marriages.

Over the years my husband and I often exchange articles and ask for assistance, editing, or approval from one another. This helps us to build confidence in the content we provide, making sure that we are both ok with what is being shared since transparency is our motivator, but more importantly keeping accountable to the gospel. As we lead we are adamant about staying aligned with God’s Holy Word.402567d15093d8da51a2c749d84dc0a7

The other day my husband shared with me an article he had recently wrote and asked me for my honest opinion. As I read the title my heart dropped a little, Dear Pornography: An Open Letter To My Old Friend. The battle of my husband’s addiction to pornography has crushed our marriage at times, eroding the intimacy we both craved. I was immediately reminded of the pain that we had endured in those first few years of marriage. And yet, at the same time, thankfulness flooded my heart for the freedom my husband has received from God in this area of his life.

Pornography is an enemy of marriage.

Pornography ruins lives both for those in the industry and and those who support it through addiction. Whether people believe that or not, I am speaking truth.

I also want to be clear that men are not the only targets this enemy preys on. Women struggle too. I did. And like my husband, I received freedom from that bondage only because of the grace of God!

My husband, in his gut-wrenching, open letter to pornography revealed to me more than a severed relationship with it, but also a righteous anger to fight against it and help others experience the freedom he has received through Christ. I hate that he was lied to by this perverse industry and I hate that this addiction made my husband feel shame. I hate that I hated on my husband because he struggled with it. I love that God gave my husband an exit, a way out, true freedom. I love that I have my husband’s heart, all of it! I want other couples to know these types of situations can be redeemed and the wounds caused by it can be healed!

Please read: Dear Pornography: An Open Letter To My Old Friend

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