Your Husband Is Worth Pursuing

pursueI have always had an expectation that my husband should pursue me in our relationship. Although my feelings for my husband to pursue me are strong, I rarely give any thought to my husband’s desire for me to pursue him.

But he does.  My husband desires that I would put in just as much effort to pursue him.

Knowing this about my husband is not always enough for me to follow through and fulfill his needs in this area of our marriage.  Why? It is not because he isn’t worthy, because he is! Rather it is because when I am determined to do something that requires change in my behavior I immediately meet resistance.  Resistance is that little nuisance that does everything it can to stop me from trying!

Today on The Better Mom I give 3 Significant Ways To Pursue My Husband! If you hit resistance like I do in this area I think this could help!

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