To My Husband – A Blessing

Dear blessing from God,

I thank the Lord for allowing you to be a part of my life! You have been a token of happiness to help me lighten up when I have taken things way too seriously. I love your desire and concern to provide for your family. I love that God has made you strong yet sensitive and most times fun. Lol! Truly you have been a friend and I am glad that we are still striving to make it together and seeking the Lord for his guidance and strength as he has been our help through all! I just want you to know that I appreciate your efforts to do good towards your family and desires to become better. I ask you to forgive me of any pain that I have caused that may be weighing on you and know that I am striving to become better, ”Virtuous” I pray that our love will grow continually through God and that all that we have lost might come back to us ten fold…a greater bond…love and friendship…unbreakable unity and to be examples for the Lord and used according to his will towards others!

I Love you…infinity Mrs. Rush

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