4 Steps To Resolve Conflict In Marriage

Going to church has been a vital part of the growth I have experienced in my character, in my relationship with God, and in my marriage.

marriage-heartOver the last four years my husband and I have been attending Crossroads Church in Corona, Ca. We love our Pastor! Chuck Booher is an excellent leader and a humble servant. He teaches from the Bible and he doesn’t hold back! His messages are incredibly relevant and he shares on issues that we are in need of hearing. I believe it is crucial to learn from a mature Christian, one who is dedicated to The Lord, who is passionate about sharing the Gospel, and who is determined to live out God’s will. Pastors are a significant part of the body of Christ! Let us remember to be in prayer for them!

I am so thankful for God placing Chuck and his wife Pam at Crossroads. The impact they have made in people’s lives since serving there is amazing. This last weekend Chuck preached on an issue that we all need more teaching on: Marriage! Specifically, conflict in marriage. Below are some notes I jotted down to share with you, but I highly recommend watching the sermon yourself. Click Here TO Watch.

Marriage is hard work! Every husband and wife need to work at it. Handling conflict correctly is key to having a great marriage! Here are 4 steps you can use to handle conflict in marriage. Pastor Chuck explains each of these steps more in depth using scripture from Song of Solomon to illustrate what each of these steps looks like in marriage. His teaching is beautiful, inspiring and a must see! (Link to video is below!)

1. Respond With Love

When conflict arises, don’t let bitterness take root in your heart! Always respond to your spouse in love, with patience and gentleness. { For a closer look at the definition of love check out the What Is Love Series!}

2. Regain Perspective

Take a moment to refocus. Perspective plays a key role in how we feel and the emotions we experience. Instead of responding immediately, double check your perspective.

3. Don’t Play Games

Do not use mind games, do not give the silent treatment, and if you need to walk away be sure to tell each other where you are going. Playing games are signs of immaturity.

4. Don’t Give The Devil An Opportunity

It can be easy to do this when anger is aroused. During conflict, be sure to control your anger! It is ok to be angry, but it is not ok to sin in your anger. Be willing to stand through conflict and adversity with your spouse. Stand strong and protect your marriage from the enemy.

Conflict in marriage is a good thing. Although it can seem very challenging at the time, conflict, when handled correctly will make you better! Through conflict you can learn more about God, yourself, and your spouse.

To watch Chuck Booher’s message on marriage please click the link below:

How To Resolve Conflict In Marriage – By Chuck Booher

If these notes, or if you watched the sermon video, inspired you and you desire to recommit your marriage to God, please let us know by saying “I recommit my marriage to God” in the comments! This is a declaration that you will strive to stand strong for your marriage through adversity and that you submit your marriage to The Lord! We want to celebrate along with you and pray for you!!

Chuck Booher will be teaching again on marriage – True Love In Marriage – Sunday June 30th… you can watch live through the online campus at 9am or 11am by visiting HERE!

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