How To Have A Strong Marriage


Marriage is the closest relationship that anyone can experience.  It exposes and reveals so much about a person’s life that would otherwise remain concealed.  In Timothy Keller’s book, The Meaning of Marriage, he says:

“Marriage does not so much bring you into confrontation with your spouse as confront you with yourself.”

Through the interactions of marriage we are faced with the truth of who we are at our core.  Naturally we are selfish, self-centered beings; however, if we are teachable and transformable by God’s power, then there is hope for us to get through those painful confrontations!

The key in how to have a strong marriage begins by submitting your life to God! 

As you seek God daily, you will be able to be more intentional about having a strong marriage, especially through committing to following through with principles that are intended to build oneness.

Join me today as I share a few of those principles over at RooMag as I explain 4 Tips For A Strong Marriage!

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