Hope For The Weary

The days are long but the years are short…

This is my mantra.  I heard it not too long ago and it depicts life as a mother of little ones perfectly. As a contributor here at Unveiled Wife, my goal is to be honest and open with you. That is, afterall, what it means to be “unveiled”, right? 

Well, my biggest struggle lately as a wife has not been anything with communication, or intimacy, or handling finances…. nope. My biggest struggle in my marriage has been being a mom to 3 little children. Please read carefully here: I LOVE BEING A MOM! But I also understand the demand physically, emotionally and mentally that being a mom has.  My children are awesome. I have a 4 year old inquisitive little boy, a feisty 3 year old girl and a very cute, toddling one year old boy.  All melt my heart and fill my life with more than I could’ve imagined and I love being their mommy.

Many people love their work but that does not make it easy.  Being a mom is by no means easy.  In fact, this past year has been extremely difficult for me in my role as a mom.  We are rounding the end of this year and I just have no clue where the time has gone. Yet, I know every single day has been a struggle.  There has been sickness after sickness among my kids, my husband has been traveling a lot for work, the baby is teething and nothing seems to really help him… all this in addition to sleepless nights for everyone.  So, to be honest, I am weary.

The Bible says in Galatians 6:9Hope

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Many people do not realize the amount of work that goes into working as a stay at home mom and homemaker. We do not sit around eating bon-bons or blogging all day! If you are like me, your day consists of quite a lot! Plus, with little ones, every single step I have to direct or oversee, train and referee between the oldest. It is no easy job. Add to the mix housework, schooling, errands and any personal time in there and you are maxed out of hours in a day. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed. I know what it feels like to think you are the only parent juggling all this. I also know that you don’t need to! For all the mothers that feel weary as I have (stay at home moms and working moms alike!), my hope is that you would be encouraged, know you are not the only one to feel this way, and remember that God gave you a helper found in your husband, your teammate and partner for life in every thing. God also promises that His strength is perfected when we are weak. So set your flesh aside, talk to God, rely on Him, and talk with your husband! You are in this parenting thing together even if you are the primary care giver and one who stays home.

What are my priorities in my family? My relationship with Jesus and then my husband are at the top of my list. Don’t be like me and easily overlook talking it out with your husband. He is there for a reason. You are a team. My husband knew something was wrong and when he asked, I opened up about the stress I have been feeling build these past few months.

Why don’t I feel myself? Why do I feel so weary? Why can’t I get done everything that’s important to me in a day?

His response was simple and on point… What were my priorities in my head vs. what was I prioritizing with my actions in reality?

In about 5 minutes, he helped me see my priorities were wrong when I started my day. Housework is on the bottom of my priorities list yet I would not start schoolwork or anything else until my house was clean. How many of you mom’s know this doesn’t happen while kids are running about playing? Yeah, it just doesn’t. I would find myself behind in my daily to do list and frustrated by playing catch up with chores and laundry. How many of you feel me?

The struggle is real.

So it is vital that we consider what our priorities are and align our actions accordingly. And don’t give up! Lean on God and ask Him to help you endure.

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