Helping Your Husband Help You

helping-your-husband-help-youSo often I assume my husband can read my mind. If I recognize a need in my life, I expect him to recognize it as well. I have needs that require his help… yet when he fails to fulfill my needs I get frustrated and wonder… why didn’t he do this or that?

The truth is that my husband is willing to help, but he won’t always know how to help unless I communicate my needs to him.

Instead of wrongly assuming he is just as aware of the help I am in need of as I am, it is my responsibility to verbalize to my husband how he can help me.

Do you ever assume your husband can read your mind?

Do you get frustrated when your husband neglects to meet all of your needs without having to say a word?

As much as it would be great for our husbands to know exactly how to help us without having to say a word, we must be willing to communicate our needs to our husbands. This gives them the opportunity to then help where they can.

The challenge is to get the needs we are aware of said out loud to our husbands. This week I encourage you to join me in helping our husbands by sharing with them HOW they can help us! Helping your husband help you will hopefully extinguish the negative attitude, thoughts, or emotions that arise towards your husband when he doesn’t read your mind!

What is one way you will ask your husband for help this week?


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