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HWClub_BlogButnB_600x150Have you ever encountered negative comments from people about your marriage?

You know, the comments that make you cringe inside as your heart begs you not to believe it!  I remember hearing quite a bit of negative comments from other wives just before I married, and sadly I still hear them to this day.  Comments suggesting that marriage is not bliss, that love does fade, and that happiness is the period of time before one is hitched to the old ball and chain.

Unfortunately, these negative comments are not only shot towards wives, but moms as well.  As soon as I became pregnant I began hearing horror stories and disappointments feeding people’s negative comments that flew out unfiltered.

It is amazing how someone else’s opinion of their experiences can affect us, but they do.  So when I encounter someone taking a stand for marriage and encouraging wives with positive words, I want to jump up next to them and hold up a megaphone so that the good news is louder than the negative!

My friend Fawn Weaver is a wife who was also tired of hearing the negative comments about love fading away, so much so she was inspired to write a book proving that “happy, healthy marriages do exist and yours can be one of them!”

Fawn spent time traveling the world in search of the secrets that make a marriage happy, and creatively articulated those secrets in the pages of a book – but this book is more than a book, it is a movement – to gather wives from different walks of life and boast about the happy parts of marriage, like relishing in the depths of true love.

When I first started reading Fawn’s book something inside me sprang up, as if her words gave me a breath of fresh air.  I had never read anything like it before. Each chapter detailed a different marriage story, ones which Fawn had heard first hand as she interviewed couples from all around the world.  Just the concept of the book and what it took to put it together was enough to hold my attention! But as I continued, it was the message that stirred my heart and reminded me that happy wives do exist… and that I could be a happy wife too!

What I got out of it:

I realize I can be a happy wife, that sounds silly to say, but it felt good to be reminded by Fawn as I was reading Happy Wives Club. My husband and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary this month.  We have been through many different seasons within the last 7 years and in some ways the trials have challenged us and changed us.  Of course I am a happy wife, but I have also experienced seasons of being an angry wife, a sad wife, a lazy wife, and a selfish wife. Those seasons come and go, but I can choose to not let the negative experiences overshadow the good.  So when I am reminded that I AM a happy wife, a huge smile returns to my face and my heart is overjoyed to be my husband’s lover. Happy Wives Club reminded me of a very important key to life and marriage: happiness is a choice.

One of the greatest encouragements I found in this book was the key to choosing happiness on a daily basis.  Fawn shares how we can choose happiness by being grateful.

When I look at my own life and marriage, God is in every aspect of it. I wake up each morning grateful to God for everything I have at that moment. My happiness is a natural by-product of that gratitude. – Fawn Weaver


She also summarizes what she discovered as the secrets to a happy, healthy marriage and neatly organized them in a list in the last chapter.  They are standards to which I hope to uphold in my own marriage as my journey of being a wife unfolds. I am so glad I do not have to do it alone! Happy Wives Club is more than just a book, it is a movement that we all can be a part of! Fawn has founded an online club for wives who are or desire to be happy and we can all connect and cheer each other on.  I have personally been impacted by the daily encouragement Fawn provides for this club, including blog articles and daily updates on social media that help me in my role as a wife.  You truly do not want to miss out!

Join the ever-growing community of wives today!

Check out HappyWivesClub.com for more information.

This book is great for any wife or wife-to-be!  Fawn uses her words to paint pictures of people’s lives, real marriages, that make you feel as if you were sitting right there next to her during each interview.  You may relate to each couples’ story or just one, or maybe you have never experienced what these couples have gone through, regardless, the message will resonate with you and your role as a wife.  Fawn wrote this book based on her travels of sitting down and visiting with people, and knowing her, I bet she would love to hear your story as well. With how many wives that are reading this book, the chances of that happening are slim, but reading it makes you feel as if she is sitting in your living room chatting with you about your marriage, cheering you on with positive words.

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