This Is What Happens When You Love Him Anyways

Sometimes in marriage, we get to a point where we stop giving. We stop loving.

We hold back and wait for our spouse to earn it. We wait until they give it first. We wait until love is proved.

We say that we love them, or maybe we have been holding that back too, but either way our actions reflect a withholding of love. This is not loving at all. If we truly love our husbands, we will give generously, without expectation, with or without reciprocation.

We give because Jesus gave for us when we didn’t do anything to earn it or deserve it. He just loved. Let us be willing to love like Jesus loves…always willing to give more.

I know that for some wives, especially right now, this is a hard thing to confront. You have been avoiding this in your heart because he sinned and it hurt you. You may have wrestled with questions like,

If he loved me, why would he ever do that?”

I have wrestled with that before too. It causes a deep pain in the tissue of your heart. The consequences of sin can feel like friction causing a raw blister on the inside of your heart that you can seem to reach to heal.

If you have been hurt, you may feel your heart play tug of war with this confrontation. You may hear in your mind, “But he…”

Here is the thing. If you excuse yourself out of doing your part of loving and giving, that blister will become calloused and soon your heart will be hard. But I encourage you to be brave. Let God into those deep places of your heart and let Him heal you. Pray and ask God to heal you and to reconcile your marriage.

People are not perfect and marriage can be messy. Please don’t let fear or pride keep you from experiencing the power of love, even if that means your experience is on the giving end. When we love, God is glorified, because He is love!

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