Guarding Your Heart From Temptation

Kayla, the author of this guest article, chose to write a very personal piece on intimacy in marriage.  I believe she brings up a very important point to be aware of the temptation in the world to be emotionally intimate with any one except one’s husband.  An emotional affair can be very easy to fall into and devastating to your marriage relationship.  Please read this testimony with the intention of guarding your heart from temptation.  If you can relate or appreciate Kayla’s willingness to write this article please leave a comment below.


Guarding Your Heart From Temptation


I remember hearing something on a local Christian radio broadcast, it may have been a Focus on the Family moment, but it addressed temptations we face as wives,  suggesting guarding your heart from establishing any relationship  with any man outside your marriage, no matter how innocent it seems.  Any emotional intimacy is to be only for your husband. I remember I heard that as I was driving and felt stricken about the fact that one friend who happened to be male popped in my mind. ‘That’s funny, why are you in my head?” I wondered.  I definitely hadn’t been inappropriate or even flirtatious with this man who was not my husband.  I felt so secure and confident in my faithfulness to my husband (8yrs of monogamy) that I never fathomed that the woman who succumbed to engaging in a relationship with another man they were referring to could ever be me.

It was not right away, but less than 2 years later that same man became a very close friend.  One who I found I was drawn to and couldn’t resist becoming closer to, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  I had let someone else in my heart, my most sacred and intimate place meant only for my husband.

I fell away from what I knew God wanted in my life, but I didn’t stay there.  My testimony is that I rose above my sinful secret, I put the truth in the light for my husband, and after a period of tears, hurt, and finally forgiveness, God restored my marriage.  In my sin I had stopped going to church as often because I felt guilty before God.  Now my whole family is back to attending regularly and my marriage and relationship with my husband is closer than ever before.

My encouragement is that whatever you may be hiding that is keeping you prisoner to your sin, let it out, give it to God, watch how He can make something broken, new and whole!  I thank God for richly blessing me, and now most especially I thank Him for my amazing husband who has loved me through it all, even at my worst when I did not deserve it.  I am also thankful that God gives me this amazing grace and restoration, and in His presence I am made whole. This experience was a huge lesson in humility for me, even Jesus faced temptation from the enemy, and we must never forget that we are not exempt from temptation either.

– Kayla

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