Good Intentions Gone Wrong In Marriage

My husband and I recently enjoyed a little vacation up in Oregon visiting some family.  While we were there we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday! (More pics to come soon!) We had such a great time and the Lord blessed us tremendously during our trip.


On the flight home my husband and I reminisced about all the fun we had experienced, wishing that our vacation time was extended just a little bit longer.  As we chatted over the loud engine of the plane, my husband’s arm rested across my lab as he held my hand.  Admiring the affection of his touch, my eye was drawn to a hangnail on one of his fingers.  It was standing straight up, almost as if it was yelling at me to spare my husband of the unnecessary tag by ripping it off.

Without any hesitation I reached over with my other hand, pinched the hangnail and pulled! I thought that it would come off without much effort, but instead it ripped more skin than anticipated, and immediately began bleeding.  My husband recoiled his arm faster than I had ever seen.  Fury glazed his eyes as he asked me why I did that.

My intentions were to help my husband, and to do it without him even noticing, as if I was picking lint off his sweater.  However, I quickly realized that my actions caused him a lot of pain.  Tears filled my eyes with remorse as I apologized for the injury.

In marriage, husbands and wives often have good intentions.  Our goodwill motivates a desire to help our spouse.  Yet, sometimes the actions that are produced cause more harm than good.

Have you ever attempted to help your spouse, only to experience a result of pain or misfortune?

This episode my husband and I experienced made me realize that sometimes what I think is best, even with good intentions, need to be reevaluated and thought through.  Although we cannot calculate exactly what chain reaction will result of our actions it is important that we make an effort to think ahead, as well as learn from past experiences.  In this case, I learned that I need to never assume I can pick at my husband without him being aware and him giving me permission.  Hopefully I can remember this if ever a similar situation arises with him.


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