The Gift Of Motherhood & My Desire To Work

I recently shared my thoughts on the gift of motherhood and my desire to work on my Instagram…which if you are not following along over there I encourage you to do so right now because you will get to know me and my family a whole lot more!

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I wanted to share with you what I wrote on Instagram because it seemed to resonate with many other wives and mothers.

I hope this encourages you too!

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One of the greatest adventures I have ever experienced and pursued with my husband is parenting. There is this tension always wound up in my heart of wanting to hold onto my children as babies hoping they stay little forever and yet celebrating their milestones with hopefulness of their futures. It’s a tug of war I welcome because my heart and mind are always on them.

There are some days that I wrestle with the responsibilities of motherhood and my desire to work. My work is interesting because it is maintaining my blog and engaging online. I know there is great purpose in what I do and I dream about the possibilities of how much more

I could do, but then I am confronted with the reality that my time to work is limited by the priority of motherhood.

I was just thinking about this very thing this morning…and as I moved from the bathroom to the hallway picking up loose pieces of toilet paper, the toy that got away, and turning off the light that was left on by my middle babe…my heart reminded my head that they (my children) are the greatest thing I will ever be a part of, the greatest ministry I will ever serve, and the greatest purpose my heart will ever pursue.

There are some incredible runner-ups when it comes to the opportunities I have been graciously given to work, but motherhood, oh sweet motherhood, there is nothing I have found that compares.

And to be honest…this is something I need to remind myself daily when my flesh feels all those big feelings of wanting to do more, be somewhere else, do something awesome, or whatever else it feels. Soon these babies will be too big to fit in my arms…off on adventures of their own.

I want them to know that I believed looking in their beautiful eyes on a slow ordinary day was extraordinary.

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