Free Gift Ideas For V-Day Or Any Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner!  Do not be stressed out mentally or financially when thinking of a gift for your husband.  Most often when we think of gifts, we think of tangible objects with a price tag.  But if you are like me… you are interested in FREE gifts:)  Below is a list of free gifts you could give to your husband.  They only requirement they take is your time and energy!

– Put on some music and turn the lights down and give your man a relaxing back massage.

– Offer your husband a foot massage using lotion or coconut oil.

– Initiate intimacy, maybe even spicing things up by wearing something flattering or trying something new.

– Write a love letter straight from your heart or gift a love journal where you share your most favorite memories with your husband.

– Ditch the general Hallmark cards and make one hand-made!

– Wake up early and serve breakfast in bed, including his favorite breakfast foods.

– Do things around the house your husband is usually expected to do.

– Light a few candles and put on his favorite song and slow dance to it.

– Take a bubble bath together and share desires you have for the future.

– Decoratively list 100 things you love about him.

– Give your husband a free pass – Don’t ask him for help for week, give him space, he will surely enjoy it!


Here are just a few ideas, but I know there are many more!  Please share any you may have in the comments for others to see 🙂

Also, here is a link to a few more romantic gift ideas and date night ideas ~>

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