FREE Gift Idea For Your Husband – Notes Of Affirmation

This great gift idea for your husband is FREE!!!! All it requires is your time, something to write with and some paper.  Rip or cut the paper to the size of post-its… or if you want you can use post-its:)  Spend a few minutes writing out about ten notes.  Here is a list of topics you can write about that will affirm, encourage and compliment your husband:

1.) His physical appearance

2.) His character

3.) His role as a husband

4.) His work

5.) His parenting

6.) His help around the house

7.) How he loves you

8.) A bible verse

9.) A quote

10.) A prayer

When you are finished writing out the notes place them in different areas for him to find.  For example, taped to a mirror, in his underwear drawer, in his lunch bag, taped to the steering wheel, or hidden in his pocket.  Don’t hide them too hard, remember you want him to find them.  He may be caught off guard with the first one and definitely be surprised with each one he receives.  Men love to be affirmed and it is a way to show your respect for him.  This will surely put a smile on his face and warm feeling in his heart!  Good Luck!  Let us know how it goes by sharing in the comments section below:)

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