Fireproof: A Movie For Every Marriage | Review

About 5 years ago my husband and I watched Fireproof, a faith-based film that follows a marriage through brokenness to restoration. I thought I had reviewed it and shared it on my blog for others to know about, but I checked recently and didn’t see it. Despite being nearly 8 years old, this movie is very relevant for every marriage. I highly recommend it. 

I rented it from Amazon recently for the second time and took a few notes.


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This is a great movie for couples to curl up on the couch together or watch in bed together. I feel like it hits some specific points on marriage that most couples can relate with. It also provides an awesome opportunity to talk about things from the movie that might be happening in marriage or talk about to prevent in marriage.

The story follows a fireman Captain and his wife. One of the opening scenes includes this quote,

You never leave your partner, especially in a fire.”

The Captain was reprimanding a new fireman by saying this, but realizes halfway through his conflict with his wife that the same message applies to marriage.

Him and his wife both feel disrespected and undervalued. They seem separated in their work lives, their schedules, their finances, and more. They are frustrated with each other and there is a lack of good communication between

The wife expresses how she feels like she is carrying the weight of managing their home, while her husband gets to do what he wants. My husband and I were just talking about this same exact scenario in our marriage recently. It is crazy how our perspective can convince us of a belief about our spouse. Luckily, my husband and I talked through it and reconciled! I thought it was awesome that it was brought up in this movie, because I feel like it could be a strong talking point for couples in real life.

The movie also alludes to the husband having a sin issue with pornography. Some of the things the wife says in regards to this issue were things I have felt in my own marriage. This is very relevant in our day and age. It was cool to see how a developing relationship with God, changes the husband’s heart toward porn use. The changes the wife sees in her husband also brings her to a place of forgiveness and love. I hope this is a huge encouragement for many couples who watch the film.

In the end, Fireproof shows how a repentant heart wins.

What I mean is that two people living life together is hard. There are many challenges that come and oftentimes pride gets in the way of a couple learning to grow together as one. This movie shows how being truly repentant can transform hearts and radically transform a marriage.

The couple reconciles, which is a huge encouragement for any couple watching the movie, especially those who are desiring the same resolution for their marriage.

A large part of the story is how the husband starts doing this love dare. Despite being on the edge of divorce, he follows each dare day by day for 40 days. Each challenge hits on a different aspect of marriage. And the most amazing part is that anyone can get the love dare in real life. So if your marriage is struggling or not, after watching the movie you can take the Love Dare Challenge and see how it impacts your relationship!

Get the Love Dare Here!41afrwqf5ul-_sx322_bo1204203200_

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