Finding The Blessings Amidst Hardships In Marriage

There are many things in life and in marriage we could collectively rant on about.  Whether disagreements, annoyances, or struggles we endure, the list is endless.  However, what about the good times, the fruitful seasons, and the blessings we experience along the way?

Are we quick to brag or boast about the good news God has given us to rejoice over?

I’ll be honest the good times and the blessings are not always first to come to mind.

I usually try and find something quirky or frustrating about marriage to rant about on Wednesdays.  Perhaps even a principle that needs enforcing, or anything else I may be experiencing that leads to a revelation worthy to publish.  However, this week I could not think of much.  I tried making a list of those not-so-pleasant-experiences to see if I have been learning something new lately, but nothing came to mind.

As frustration set in, I shared with my husband that I was suffering from writer’s block, begging him to help come up with a nugget of wisdom to share with all of you!  He simply said in a very sweet tone, “Life has been really good lately.  I have enjoyed our relationship a lot.”  Looking towards him I smiled in admiration, agreeing that our relationship has been in a plentiful season.  He glanced back at me and encouraged, “Why don’t you write about that?”

My heart melted as I asked God, “How am I so blessed to have such a loving and wise husband?”

Things are not 100% perfect between my husband and I, and they may never be.  Yet, we experience moments and seasons of goodness that are worthy to boast about.  We have not fought much about anything in the lately and even our bickering has been to a minimum.  We have been trying to pursue each other, based on our love languages.  We have encountered some of the most intimate conversations, and at very random times, which fosters growth in our communication.  We have been helping each other out without complaint.  We have worked together seamlessly.  We have shared desires and dreams for the future, including the idea of having children one day.  We have been reading the same scriptures in the Bible and sharing thoughts on them.  We have continued to pray together, especially over prayer requests we are fasting together for.  We have affirmed one another, loved one another, and apologized to one another when we have hurt one another.  We have experienced new things, such as going to a farmers market and trying out new restaurants.   We have also laughed together quite a bit, a very important quality to both of us.

We have been thoroughly enjoying this season of our marriage.  Hardships still come, and we still have to communicate through our differences, but we have been experiencing such a blessing being each other’s companion.

I feel like it is crucial to take note (and maybe even brag a little) of the blessings you encounter in marriage.  Some of you may have small moments of goodness that occur randomly and others have whole seasons of time, but what ever be the case, Praise God!  Thank him for those precious blessings and good times that give you hope to press on.  Pray for more of those moments to be evident in your life and marriage!  Pray that God would help you see when those moments come, and to not get weighed down by hardships, that leave you to tired to rejoice.  Persevere my friend, alongside your spouse!

And take a picture of you and your spouse together, if you can, so that you will have a tangible memory of the good-times 🙂

If you have encountered a blessing or a season of good in your marriage please boast about it in the comments below!  And please leave an encouragement to all of the others who find it challenging to see the blessings amidst hardships.

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