Favorite Date Nights Shared By Wives

I asked my husband what his favorite date was with me over the last ten years of us being together. Two things happened. The first is that it took him a while to respond. This made me wonder if we are experiencing enough dates to keep romance in our relationship thriving.

Then, when he did respond, he mentioned a date that I was actually thinking of as well. It was in our fourth year of marriage, before children. He had planned a day where he surprised me with an airplane ride to Catalina Island. It was a three seater plane, which we both had the opportunity to fly. It was an awesome experience. Forever memorable!


It may seem like a huge task to plan a date like this, but my husband wasn’t overwhelmed by it all. He knew a friend at work that also flew small planes and planned the event with him, surprising me the day of.

Planning and preparing an awesome date night is not hard, but it does require you to invest some time and attention.

In John 21 a story is told of Jesus being on the shore, having hot coals ready to cook up fish for His disciples and He also had bread ready for them to eat. Jesus said to His disciples,

Come and have breakfast.”

This story of Jesus preparing a special time to be with His disciples is a perfect example of how a husband and wife can thoughtfully engage with each other. Jesus waited on the shore for His friends and in the early morning he had breakfast with them.

I encourage you to read John 21 and the intimate time Jesus experienced specifically with Peter.date-night

Jesus was prepared. He knew He wanted to spend time with His friends and He had the coals and the bread ready for them. Let Jesus’ example lead us to love our spouse in a thoughtful way. We should be planning dates for each other that have specific elements that are extremely memorable, extremely thoughtful.

Here are a list of some date ideas to help inspire you and challenge you to prepare special moments to spend with your spouse:

  • eat pineapple in the park
  • dinner and a movie
  • beach and seashell hunt
  • watching sunset or sunrise on a blanket
  • dancing and mechanical bull riding at the county fair
  • mystery theater dinner
  • dinner and a cocktail at a restaurant with a fresh or unique menu
  • watching a movie with candles 
  • read a book together about marriage like (Love Languages, Sacred Marriage or The Unveiled Wife)
  • have a picnic
  • playing games

Here are some more specific testimonies of awesome date nights shared by wives:

When we got our wedding bands tattooed on our 1st anniversary. – Margie D.

Going to one of those places where they teach you how to do a painting. My husband planned it and I was hesitant, but it was so much fun. We have our paintings hanging side by my side in our room and they look great. Such a great memory. – Michele P.

We had planned to go to an expensive restaurant and got all dressed up for the night. Then something happened to our moods and we both just wanted to stay home and spend time. We made rib eye steaks and salad and sat outside with a glass of wine. We ate, relaxed and had the best time watching the sunset. Could not have asked for a better evening. – Anita C.

I love date nights, but I really love date mornings! Since we have a baby (with another on the way) we all go to coffee every Saturday morning and just have had a great time getting to know the staff and patrons. Just having a meaningful time together makes a huge difference. – Moriah K.

He recreated the same meal from romantic restaurant at home we had both enjoyed! – Jenny J.

My husband and I have recently started doing a weekly date night every Friday and a weekly worship night every Tuesday. It’s been fantastic for us! I got the idea off here! But my favourite night by far was a random Sunday night hubby and I had a DIY night and added some chalkboards to some existing furniture – we are not DIY people by any means but we had so much fun working together! – Jamie K.

This week we did a technology-free date – got a pizza, a cheap 100 piece puzzle, and a book of crossword puzzles. It was so much fun to work together to solve a few puzzles and affirm each other and use our brainpower. Talking and laughing came naturally. This was one of my most favorites in all our 17 years! – Earlena B.

Right after we got engaged, we walked to a local gas station, ordered some food, walked all the way home with it, and ate while watching some tv. I love the spontaneity and simplicity of it… And it included three of my favorite things: my husband, walking and food. – Kaitlyn B.

Sitting on the tailgate, eating pizza and fishing! – Christine G.

My favorite date was five years ago. My husband knew the kids were spending time with family that weekend so he asked me to make a picnic lunch for the day and told me it was a surprise. We drove about an hour to Box Canyon Falls here in Colorado and hiked the canyon with gorgeous water features and landscapes. We then had lunch at a bench and then drove through the San Juan mountains listening to a new CD we wanted. It was so refreshing. I’ll never forget it. – Michelle R.

Many other wives commented saying the best date night is…


So whether you plan it or your husband does, have plenty of shared moments of intimacy. Your relationship needs it!

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