37 Perfect Gifts for Your Husband – 2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide

A husband-endorsed list of Father’s Day gifts. Surprise him with something he actually wants!

This is a guest article by Morgan, a wife who blogs at ASmarterMom.com. Today she’s providing a much-needed list of ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

Morgan writes:

2017 Father's Day Gift Guide - Unveiled WifeFather’s Day is on Sunday, June 18th, 2017, so it’s time to think about what to get the dads in our lives… especially the fathers of our children. Don’t let the day sneak up on you and give yours another iTunes gift card because you were “too busy” to get him anything (my former, OCD self). How often have we procrastinated because we thought it would take too long to find the perfect gift?

This year, let’s do Father’s Day gifts differently. This won’t take long because Jennifer and I have done the research for you! (Her gift guides for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas got my creative juices flowing. Best of all was this guide for husband gifts she published to help us all out!)

After scouring the web and compiling a loooong list, I asked my husband to highlight which things a guy would truly want to receive.

Ta da! The awesome list below, and you can use it today!

37 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

Each of these gifts are linked closely to being a dad. Big bonus: they’re also pretty cool. You’re sure to find something here that he’ll love. I listed them in order of price to make it easier to stick to your budget (prices were current at the time of this post, but may vary). Include a note to make it special. Each gift idea includes a sample script you can copy for the father of your children. Adapt it to other dads (parents, grandparents, siblings) as needed.

These are products I have either purchased, or would if my season of life (or, in some cases, finances) matched them, so I have no problem recommending them to you. Each item also includes an affiliate link for Unveiled Wife in appreciation for all Jennifer has done to help us, wives.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and pick something, Girlfriend!

Father’s Day Gifts Under $25

On a tight budget? Here’s a mix of fun and practical gifts for Father’s Day that will make him smile.

1. Thirty-One Prayers for my Wife Book $9.95

Because a stronger marriage means a stronger home.

Your note: “Thank you for being the spiritual leader of our home. I know your prayers will help me become an even better wife.”

2. History of Sports Book $9

Fun to read, and maybe even some fresh ideas for Family Game Night.

Your note: “You’re the best coach this family could have. And I love our practice times!”

3. Father’s Day Craft Kit $12

This kit includes 5 DIY projects for children. Dad will be blessed by their creative efforts.

Your note: Just kidding. No, Mom, you’re not writing the note on this one. Have your children make the crafts, and let them each write a note or draw a picture to go with it.

4. Husband After God Book $11.99

Give him soul food. A daily devotional to inspire his walk with God.

Your note: “This book sounds just like you — your passion for God makes me want to draw closer to Him and you both!”

5. Hero Husband Super Dad T-shirt $16

Shameless Plug: I designed this shirt for my sweetheart, to let him advertise the respect he’s earned.

Your note: “I want everyone to know you’re our hero! Happy Father’s Day.”

Your note: “I want everyone to know you’re our hero! Happy Father’s Day.”

6. Handprint Stepping Stone Kit $17

We used a kit similar to this to make a “Family Stone” for our garden.

Your note: “You are the “rock” that allows us to enjoy the beautiful things of life.”

7. Make A Plate Craft Kit $22

Dad will love having his children’s art on a special keepsake. Make a plate and have each child decorate part of it. Or, purchase certificates for more items at $10 each and let each one complete their own project.

Your note: “Your children think the world of you, and so do I. Happy Father’s Day!”

Father’s Day Gifts for $25-60

Choosing a Father’s Day gift he loves requires focusing on his interests. Every gift can show love, appreciation, and respect for what he likes and who he is.

8. Leather BBQ Grilling Gloves $25

Because every grill master deserves the best tools of the trade. Besides, these are not just gloves — they carry a promise of grilled meat!

Your note: “I’m grateful for the family your hands have built! Being with you is the best!”

9. Act Your Wage! Game $29

Give him a fun tool to teach about budgeting on Family Game Night.

Your note: “Here’s a tool for teaching our children about budgeting… so the children and I won’t waste what you provide. Happy Father’s Day!”

10. White Noise Machine $29

So he can get a decent night’s sleep, even with little ones in the house.

Your note: “I sleep easier because I’m safe with you. Here’s something to help you sleep easier, too!”

11. Scratch Map Deluxe $33

Keep track of all the places your family goes.

Your note: “Our family can go anywhere you lead! Happy Father’s Day.”

12. Antique Leather Journal $33

Show him his thoughts are worth preserving with a keepsake-quality journal. Available in two sizes, this one has 496 reviews.

Your note: “Whatever you dream of, I will always support you. I respect your insights and vision!”

13. London Fog Windbreaker $24-60

A great lightweight jacket for family nights out. Plenty of pockets, classic style. My husband loves his!

Your note: “This jacket will protect you on days that turn rainy or chilly. Thanks for protecting our family when life turns messy or hard.”

14. AAA Emergency Roadside Kit $35

Because, well, you just never know.

Your note: “Thanks for being my knight in shining armor. Here’s a kit to make rescuing our family easier.”

15. NFL Camp Chair and Cooler $37

For family beach or camping trips, he’ll love having his favorite team represented.

Your note: “You are this family’s MVP, leading us to victory!”

16. Coolibar Sun Protection Golf Hat $40

Remind him how important he is to you with a gift designed to protect. (Disclaimer: My hubby likes the other Coolibar on this list better. Consider your husband’s style, and check out their other options on Amazon as well.)

Your note: “You bring warmth and life to our home, like the sun. Unlike the sun, with you there is never ‘too much of a good thing’!”

17. Timex Weekender with Chronograph $42

A beautiful timepiece with a functioning chronograph.

Your note: “I am grateful for every moment I’ve had you in my life. You are an awesome dad and husband. Happy Father’s Day.”

18. Personalized Collar Stays $45

Messages of appreciation or family names will remind Dad why he’s so important.

Your note: “So you will always remember how much you are respected, loved, and needed.”

19. RC Quadcopter Drone $45

Because Family Day should include fun for Dad. (Item #36 is similar, with a built-in HD camera.)

Your note: “Having you lead our home puts us on top of the world!”

20. Meat Smoking Kit $45

For the man who is serious about grilling.

Your note: “Smoking meat affects and improves its flavor in unseen ways. Your influence has affected and improved our family in ways you may never realize. Happy Father’s Day.”

21. Custom Satellite Map Puzzle $45

Surprise him with a unique puzzle for Family Game Night: a satellite view of Home, Sweet Home!

Your note: “You are the king of this castle! Anywhere I live with you is ‘Home, Sweet Home’ to me.”

22. Coolibar Convertible Fishing Cap $50

A stylish and practical addition to family camping and fishing trips, reducing chances of skin cancer.

Your note: “Fishing reminds me of you. I appreciate the way you prepare our family for success. I enjoy the creative ways you pursue it. I admire the persistence and patience you show while waiting. It’s never a matter of ‘if,’ only of ‘when’.”

23. Embroidered Fleece Robe $50

Because the best spa is the one he never has to leave.

Your note: “Here’s a reminder of how pampered you make me feel. Thanks for taking such good care of our family.”

24. Manly Beef Jerky $50

A clutter-free gift for Father’s Day. Premium meats in a manly wooden box.

Your note: “Beef Jerky Protein: vital, enjoyable. You: vital, enjoyable. Get it? Thanks for being amazing.”

25. CASHFLOW Board Game $60

So Dad can teach investing and wealth building while having fun. Our children love to play this game!Your note:

Your note: “You have made our family rich with blessings! Here’s a tool for making Family Game Nights even more profitable.”

Father’s Day Gifts for $61-100

These Father’s Day gifts enhance his comfort and style.

26. Omaha Steaks $60 (+$15 shipping)

Treat him to a memorable meal with great meats and seasonings.

Your note: ”You deserve the best! Thank you for all you do to provide for our family.”

27. Digital Photo Frame $80

The clutter-free solution to keeping all his family shots in view. Motion sensor turns the frame on when he enters the room and off when he leaves!

Your note: “You are the focal point of our family’s picture… the one we admire the most!”

28. Philips Wakeup Light With Radio $80

Waking with natural lights and sounds will help him start each day refreshed. And lower stress means better parenting (but don’t mention that part — he knows he’s not perfect, so don’t remind him).

Your note: “Thank you for sacrificially loving our family. Here’s something to help you wake refreshed!”

29. XLR8 Connect and Go Back Pack Diaper Bag – Black $81

For the new dad who doesn’t have his own gear bag yet. Powers up to four devices, with built-in blue tooth speakers.

Your note: “This should improve our listening enjoyment while out and about with the baby, but… our family needs to hear your words of wisdom most of all!”

30. Aviator Watch $83

Patterned after the precision timepieces that helped American pilots coordinate efforts in World War II.

Your note: “Our troops protect our country and our freedoms every day. Thank you for protecting our home and family every day.”

31. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses $110

Spoil him a little with these stylin’ shades. My husband still mentions the Ambermatics he lost the week before our wedding.

Your note: “Nobody else could come close to loving and leading our family the way you have. I only have eyes for you.”

32. Glerups Wool Slippers $96

He’ll love slipping into these cozy slippers after a long day at work. Made of wool, so they’re warm without making his feet sweat.

Your note: “Our home is warm and cozy because you protect and provide. Thanks for being an awesome dad!”

33. Soft Waterproof Blanket, $99

Helps make intimacy less messy… because wet spots are fun to make, but not to sleep in. (One more tactic the devil uses to make us avoid God’s wonderful gift.)

Your note: “Life is messy. Sharing it with you makes it all worthwhile. Happy Father’s Day.”

Gifts for$101 and Up

These Father’s Day gifts celebrate Dad’s vital role in the family.

34. Thule Chasm Bag $115

This duffel-backpack (90L size) easily totes gear for the gym or a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro. Backpack straps for easy carrying.

Your note: “Thanks for carrying the responsibility of leading our home. This will make other things easier to carry! Happy Father’s Day.”

35. Indoor Grill $120

Ceramic grill plates and high-heat searing means restaurant-quality at home.

Your note: “A master tool for the grill master. Thanks for cooking up such a great family. Happy Father’s Day!”

36. Drone with Built-in HD Camera and Wi-Fi Function $140

So he can record a bird’s eye view of Family Days at the park.

Your note: “I’m so thankful for your vision! You are a great leader. Happy Father’s Day.”

37. Thule Covert DSLR Backpack $159

Allows quick retrieval of full-sized SLR or DSLR cameras and accessories, so he can stop for a shot on the slopes or from the ledge of a rock wall (okay, not recommended, but he could).

Your note: “So you can capture family fun no matter where we are. Life with you is always an adventure! Happy Father’s Day.”

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

I hope this list helps you find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your husband. Father’s Day is a time that we are reminded to express our appreciation, but we can lavish them with gifts all year long! So bookmark this list and use it whenever you want to bless your sweetheart. I hope it helps!

Do you have other gift ideas he’s sure to love for Father’s Day? Please share in the comments below!


By Morgan

Author’s Bio:
Morgan Reece is a wife and homeschooling mother of six. A former church staff wife and conference speaker, she is an author and blogger committed to helping other moms NOT follow in her footsteps. You can find out why on her website (ASmarterMom.com), where she connects busy women with biblical, common-sense solutions for health and happiness while cheering them on to a rested life of abundance.

Special Gift for Unveiled Wife Readers: 15 Ways to Bless Your Husband is a downloadable checklist to help you love your husband with words and actions that actually mean something to him. If you feel unappreciated, maybe it’s because you’re working hard to please him with stuff he doesn’t care much about. Jesus’ burden is light.

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