Falling Into My Husband’s Arms To Weep

I had been at the doctor’s office for over an hour. Sitting across from me my doctor explained to me the diagnosis and where to go from there. All I can remember is a gut-punch feeling that I would never be normal again.weep

Stuck on autopilot as emotions ran wild in my heart, I made it home safely. My husband was sitting at the kitchen table when I walked in. I can recall the moment as if it happened in slow motion. Still seated in his chair he pushed it out from the table and made eye contact with me and I broke. I slumped my body down on his lap, tucked my head into his neck and wept.

My husband had no idea what was wrong, but he let me cry and until I was ready to talk.

I have Hashimoto’s!” I cried.

I didn’t even know what that really meant and I couldn’t answer any of my husband’s questions. But I felt as if life would never be the same. As if I had been sentenced. And I was devastated.

Thankfully the comforting arms of my husband and his encouraging words reminded me that we still believe God is good and we can trust Him with any circumstance, any diagnosis, anything!

I am so incredibly grateful for how much God has used my husband to help encourage me through the process of understanding this diagnosis and for how much he has truly comforted my heart. Two years later I am getting ready to have another baby and I do feel normal again! Although it feels like something horrible and ugly at times and the name is a little intimidating, Hashimoto’s is not a sentence, there is life to be enjoyed after diagnosis.

I want to share with you another article I wrote:

5 Ways To Overcome Your Fears About Your Diagnosis

…especially if you struggle with an autoimmune or thyroid issue…so head over to Hypothyroid Mom to read more! And you can join the conversation on the Facebook page HERE.

Do you remember a moment where you were able to just embrace your husband and cry?

Remember how comforting that was when you did not clearly understand your circumstance? If you want to please share about it in the comments!

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