The Enemy Learned This During The Tower Of Babel…And He Is Using It Against Your Marriage!

In Genesis Chapter 11 verses 1-9 the Bible tells the story of the Tower of Babel. This short story describes how people came together, communicated a goal to build a tower to heaven, and then together they began building. Then God sees what they have done and says this,

Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.”

God addresses how when people come together as one and can communicate clearly as one, nothing is impossible. WHOA! This is huge! And you know who was listening in and learning? The enemy.

What the enemy gained that day was insight into God’s creation. He learned that communication is incredibly powerful. Ever since he learned this, he has been relentlessly using this information to do a few things, a few destructive things.against-marriage

If the enemy can convince a husband and wife to refuse to communicate clearly and refuse to be one, he wins.

God says a husband and wife are one. I have experienced first hand how much my husband and I love and respect each other when we recognize that we are one. I also have seen how much we can get done as a team, if we can clearly communicate with each other. I have also experienced the deep intimacy God designed a husband and wife to have in marriage, which can only be done through communication. If we struggle with communication and if we refuse to be one in marriage, than accomplishing much is impossible.

If the enemy can convince a church, many churches, to interpret the Bible a specific way and be definitive in their doctrine, he wins.

You and I both know the church is divided. Even though Christ came to tell us that we are His body and that the church should operate as one body, the truth is that we are divided. Different denominations, different theologies, different interpretations of God’s Word all divides us. We cannot clearly communicate with each other, because we refuse to be one with each other. How can we accomplish much for the Kingdom of God when we refuse to be one body. If the enemy can convince us that we need to fight each other for our interpretations of God’s Word, we are losing the battle with him.

If the enemy can convince a culture to believe what is contrary to God’s Word, he wins.

Take a look at our current culture. It is divided on some parts. However, in contrast to areas such as marriage and church where the enemy is trying to convince us not to be one, he has a different strategy to convince the culture to come together as one. I don’t need to name all the issues at hand currently, you know what they are. Those who oppose God are banning together as one, and they are accomplishing much and quickly. The enemy has shaped the culture, bringing them together as one and has found a way to show them how to communicate clearly. He is winning in this.

In a day and age when communication as one language between people is more accessible to the whole wide world than ever before, there is evidence of the impact and power of communicating as one and there is evidence of failure among those who cannot or refuse to communicate clearly as one.

Communication is key. I’ve never recognized just how so on such a large scale before hearing this story in light of my husband pointing out what the enemy learned that day.  The enemy is busy trying to keep us in contention in our marriages and in contention with our fellow Bible believing community. He is also busy bringing others together to be a loud voice for our culture in a fierce battle against God.

If we are one and communicate clearly as one, we can fight back and we can do anything! Think about it.

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