An Easy Guide To Praying For Your Child

Your relationship with your child is a beautiful journey. There is no doubt that prayer has an essential and important purpose in this journey. Prayer is simply the way You communicate with God about the intricacies of your relationship with your child. As your pray for your son or daughter, you are seeking and pursuing God’s perfect will for their life.

Through prayer you are faithfully going to the throne of God and petitioning for God’s goodness and faithfulness to bless and protect your child.

My husband and I realized the power of prayer early on in our marriage. When our children came along, there was no way for us to embrace our roles as parents without relying on God’s strength, wisdom, and guidance. We are dedicated to prayer because we know the power it has in our lives, connecting us to the One who created life.

We recently published 31 Prayers For My Son and 31 Prayers For My Daughter to inspire parents to submit their hearts in prayer for their children. Our desire is to help mothers and fathers consider specific areas of their children’s lives and intentionally pray over those areas. Some of the topics these prayers cover include:

  • Purity
  • Intimacy With God
  • Wisdom
  • Being Like Christ
  • Friendships
  • Having Self-Control
  • Health
  • Education

Some people have already expressed the blessing these resources have been in encouraging their hearts to pray for their kids. Parents have shared how wonderful it is to have books such as these that put into words what their hearts feel daily.


The covers of these two resources include a lily and an olive tree, which we explain in the introduction of each book, representing the life and character of sons and daughters. There will also be prints available soon that you can hang in your children’s bedroom to remind them that you are praying for them and as a reminder to you to pray for them. Stay tuned in to know when these prints officially launch!

We encourage you to take the challenge and commit to praying for your children on a daily basis. Get 31 Prayers For My Son and 31 Prayers For My Daughter to guide you through specific prayers as You seek God’s perfect will for your child’s life.

Will you please take a moment to send this information to other parents you know so they can be blessed by taking this challenge as well?

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