Don’t Forget This About Your Husband

You were created by God. You were created with thoughtfulness, intention, and purpose. God considered every detail that makes you…you! And He loves you!

You are valuable.

I just want to make sure you heard me…

You are valuable.

Sometimes we go through life, day in and day out, guided by the guardrails of our routines – and we forget that we are valuable. We forget that our husbands are valuable. We are too focused on our circumstances, our expectations, what we need to accomplish, or how we feel in the moment, that we are distracted. We neglect to acknowledge the beauty of God’s creation, the gifts He has given to us, the purpose this all was created for. We are distracted.

We allow frustrations to grow into bitterness that fuel contention in our most intimate relationships. We let anger from unmet expectations fuel fiery conflict in our marriages. We fight for our way and forget about God’s way…even sometimes convinced that what we are fighting for is God’s way. But God doesn’t want us to fight – He wants us to embrace His ways, enjoy His ways, and acknowledge the purpose this all was created for.

We can’t forget that our husbands are valuable, that they too were created by God, created in His image. We can’t forget that our husbands are gifts given to us and that they are loved by God. We can’t forget that they have purpose and that together with our husbands…our marriages have purpose.

Don’t forget. Don’t let the circumstances or feelings you have in the moment distract you from enjoying and embracing God’s purpose for your marriage. Don’t forget that your husband is valuable and highly valued by God.

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