Here Is A Simple And Fun Idea For A Night Of Romance!

Does-Your-Husband-Need-Help-Being-Romantic--I-Know-Mine-Does-2My husband is incredible. He is patient, compassionate, wise and loving. Although my husband cares about me and cherishes me daily, he has not always been the greatest at understanding how to be romantic, and he admits that he knows he lacks in this area.

Romance is an important aspect of the marriage relationship. Romance is an all-encompassing experience where an atmosphere is intentionally created by a husband and wife to inspire physical and emotional intimacy with their spouse. 

Things like “setting the mood” with music, candles, or whatever else could be done to express a desire to get close and set up a moment of engagement for us, has never come naturally to my husband. He has been honest to share with me how he wrestles with knowing how to be a romantic husband. 

This struggle has impacted our marriage. Because for a long time I believed that it was my husband who should initiate romance in our relationship. This is an expectation that quickly built resentment in our marriage, especially when he failed to initiate or when he felt like I was not willing to invest into our relationship because of my lack of initiation.  

It took time for us to understand the importance of both of us being willing to initiate romance with each other, but also not to hold tightly to high expectations of each other.

The responsibility to cultivate romance in marriage does not fall only on the husband, but also on the wife. When both are willing to take turns setting a romantic atmosphere to engage with one another, intimacy in the marriage becomes extraordinary.

But what if, like my husband, you need a little inspiration on how to do this? 

What if, like me, you don’t know where to start?

Being a romantic spouse and knowing how to set that atmosphere that leads to quality time and even physical touch requires some investment. I want to share with you one of the easiest ways you or your spouse can be inspired to initiate romance in your marriage. 

Here Is A Simple And Fun Idea For A Night Of Romance!

And the great part is that you can take turns doing this for each other!

Melt: Massage for Couples is a video series that you watch that teaches you how to properly and romantically massage your spouse. This video series is incredible. Each session is designed with the intention of showing you techniques that will make your spouse melt in your hands. 

As I watched these videos I immediately desired to be touched by my husband and I had a growing desire to be able to make him feel as good with my hands. 

These videos are clean, meaning there is no nudity or sexual content that would be inappropriate. The sessions, which include tips on how to set the mood, how positioning is crucial, information on what oils to use and, of course, the actual massage techniques, are brief and very comprehensible. 

I highly recommend that you invest into your marriage with this unique opportunity to inspire romance that will get you and your spouse engaging emotionally and physically in a matter of minutes!

After my husband and I were introduced to this video massage series my husband told me he was excited to try it out. He said this would be an easy way to take steps towards learning how to be more romantic with each other and that it took the mystery out of what romance could look like for us. The series even takes you through a step-by-step on how to create a romantic setting at home, which is perfect for husbands (or anyone) to follow along too!

The first session we chose to embrace was the Foot Massage and can I just say that it was amazing! My husband initiated by encouraging me to sit down on the couch and then he spent 15 minutes focusing intently on making it feel so good for me. We also talked the entire time, encouraging and affirming our closeness. 

My goal is to take a turn and initiate the same for him in just a few days!

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Melt: Massage for Couples is giving away their amazing foot rub videos for FREE with every purchase of the Melt Video Series – this offer ends on Mother’s Day. You’ll receive lifetime, unlimited access to the online couples massage tutorials – an essential ingredient to building romance in your marriage and being playful. 

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