Do You Give Your Husband Your Best?

Giving my husband my best is something that I have always struggled with.  Not because I don’t want to, but rather my selfish nature often reacts before I even think to give him my best.


Early this morning I rushed to pack our lunches and snacks for the day.  My husband and I love variety, so sometimes I split things with him so we can have more of other food items, without having to consume the extra calories.  As I cut a bran muffin down the center, I realized one half was slightly larger than the other.  I also noticed that the smaller half sort of fell apart into a few pieces.

I reached over to place each half into our lunch bags and I heard my husband say, “I love those muffins! They are so good!”

His enthusiasm caught my attention, leading me to take a look at two muffin halves in my hand; the larger one headed for my bag and the runt headed for his.  I quickly switched them, giving my husband the large half!  As much as I love these muffins too, I all of the sudden had a desire to bless him.  I wish that had been my first instinct all along.

In that moment I thought to myself, How often do I give my husband my best?  Whether with certain foods I pack in his lunch or my attitude.  Unfortunately, I fail quite often in this area of our marriage.

My attitude has been a major issue resulting in tension since we have been married.  I naturally hide negative feelings around friends or other people we hang out with, and then as soon as it’s just my husband and I a sour attitude storms!  I never realize I am doing it in the moment, I just feel comfortable expressing every single emotion I have around my husband, assuming he is going to love me no matter what!  Love me, YES!  Like me in those moments, not so much!

He has expressed to me that he doesn’t mind me expressing my emotions, but that sometimes he wished I gave him my best in this area.  Meaning he desired I had a good attitude around him, especially if my sour attitude is really for no reason.  My poor attitude gets poured out into the way I talk to my husband and respond to him, which often gets followed by a fight.  And its almost always very unnecessary… if I only had a little more self-control.

Do you ever struggle to control your attitude around your husband?

All these thoughts reminded me of another example of where I fall short giving my husband my best… offering him the last clean towel!  When laundry piles up and there is little time to do it, I always keep an eye on the last towel.  I can calculate when I absolutely need to do laundry by knowing when I will not have a clean towel.  The sad part is that I only keep an eye on the last one instead of the last two, when there are two of us!  And if my husband gets in the shower without remembering his towel, do you think I am going to sacrifice my last towel?

I am in need of seriously rewiring!

I don’t want to sneak second best to my husband or blatantly give him anything less than my best.  I want to be intentional about being a wife who always gives her husband her best!

Do you give your husband your best?


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