Do You Feel Lonely? This Will Help!

My husband and I love community. We love to sit with friends and family and share life together. We have found that having people in our lives who we can trust, who we can talk to about important things, who we can celebrate with and pray with is a necessity.

Life without community is lonely!do-you-feel-lonely

And it is in loneliness that we feel undervalued, unwanted, unloved, inadequate, and being lonely leads to a vulnerable place where the enemy tempts us to sin.

It was in our third year of marriage that my husband and I really understood the value of community. We made friends with other married couples who were willing to share life together, willing to navigate God’s Word together, willing to be transparent and support us through many different types of circumstances. Being a part of community had a huge impact in our marriage.

Then came Unveiled Wife! I started this blog in hopes of sharing my story and encouraging other wives. Through social media I have seen our community grow and it has been such a blessing! Wives praying for other wives, encouraging one another to continue on and to turn their hearts toward God. It is truly amazing.

However, with all the different social media outlets out there, I wanted to provide a way to build our community strong and I would love for you to be a part of it! The Unveiled Wife Membership is an intimate place where friendships can be formed, conversations can be had, wives can pray for one another, and navigate God’s Word together. Each member has their own profile, can send private messages, chat in the forum and more.

My husband has been helping me work hard to build this membership. Although it has taken us longer than expected to launch, I believe it will be the perfect place to come out of loneliness and experience the beauty of community.

We are hoping to make this membership live and active next week! I hope to see you there!

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You can find more details about the membership HERE.

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