Do Not Give The Enemy A Foothold In Your Marriage

Anger is an emotion that God gave us to express ourselves, however He cautions us not to sin in our anger.  We need to make sure that we respond righteously no matter what emotion we are effected by.  Also, God’s word says that we should not let the sun go down on our anger.  This is especially important in marriage!  If you or your husband are angry, don’t let it simmer as you try to sleep, rather take time to communicate what the issue is.  In most cases the anger can be resolved and you will find you sleep much better.

There are going to be times where you or your husband get angry.  This is OK!  Just be sure that you both take the time to handle the situation so that the devil cannot sneak his way in and get a foothold.  The last thing you want is to give the enemy an opportunity to cause even more reasons for anger to rise.  Be aware of your emotions, take the time to resolve them with your spouse and you will find your marriage will strengthen!

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