My Interview With Dr. Juli Slattery & Linda Dillow On Sexual Intimacy In Marriage

I had the incredible honor of being able to interview Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow this week! As I woke up early Thursday morning, I was eager to chat with these two brave and godly women who are paving the way for Christians to openly discuss intimate issues.

Dr. Juli Slattery wrote a book titled “No More Headaches” that revolutionized my perspective of sex in marriage and it was one of the first book reviews I have shared with the UW Community.  I highly recommend it to every wife I connect with.

This week was a little rough.  My son was really sick and I spent most of my nights tending to him into the early morning hours. The stress and worry that overwhelms with sick babies can be taxing. So when I prepared to connect with Dr. Juli and Linda I was devestated when I realized our interview was scheduled to take place on Mountain Time! I live in California, so I had completely failed to be available for the scheduled time. It didn’t take me more than a few seconds to burst out in tears as I told my husband how badly I had failed!  He was quick to comfort me, but I all I could muster were the words, “I’m so tired!”

Sometimes we fail, sometimes we experience hardships and stressful situations, it just happens…and this time it happened to me.

Right in the middle of my emotional outburst I received a phone call from a generous woman who works with Juli and she explained that it was ok I had missed the interview time and that Juli and Linda would be online in just a few minutes if I was able to do it then.  I was so thrilled knowing they were gracious with me and willing to be so flexible. I was excited to know I would still get that chance to personally thank Juli for the impact she made in my life and marriage…I ran to the bathroom to splash cold water on my cheeks so no one could tell that I had been sobbing.

Without further delay, I wanted to share with you the conversation I was privileged to have with Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow.  Let me know if you can tell that I had been crying just moments before this!

Quotes from the interview:

“God longs to be intimate with each of us. It is our decision of how badly do I want it.” – Juli Slattery

“For me as a wife to say, I know my intimacy with my husband can be deeper than it is, I know it can be more pure, I know it can be more fulfilling and I want to set my heart on that.” – Juli Slattery

“As we draw close to God and as we ask Him to teach us what it is to love Him, one of the most practical ways of showing that is how you love your husband.” – Juli Slattery

In regards to 50 Shades of Grey Juli states, “One of the most shocking things for me was that it wasn’t just the sexuality that was so offensive, but some of the spiritual themes going through the books that were even more alarming, and women aren’t talking about that.”

“Does satan want us to get into immoral sexual things? Yeah he does, but that’s not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to separate us from Jesus and to keep us from worshipping Jesus in a Holy way, to keep us from being set apart. And the sex is just the way he’s doing it. But you got to look beyond that and say satan has a very aggressive agenda. Then comes the question am I playing into that agenda?” – Juli Slattery

“Sex is very different than intimacy. Sex is about how your body is responding. Intimacy is about a deeper shared experience with your husband.” – Juli Slattery

“The way our mind is renewed is through God’s Word.” – Linda Dillow

“Very few Christian women ever walk down the aisle without junk, in their mind and in their heart, from their wrong choices or from great evil that was done to them or a combination of both.” – Linda Dillow

“What we hope to do and pray that God did through Passion Pursuit is to step by step take a woman through God’s Word in how to have her mind renewed and her heart renewed, which will renew her body and will renew her relationship with her husband.” – Linda Dillow

Resources mentioned in the video:

Authentic Intimacy (

Java With Juli

Passion Pursuit By Linda Dillow & Dr. Juli Slattery “It’s the answer to 50 Shades of Grey!” – Juli Slattery

Pulling Back The Shades By Dannah Gresh & Dr. Juli Slattery (Read My Book Review HERE)

Dannah Gresh’s website Pure Freedom (

If this interview encouraged you please share it with another wife you know!

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