This Is An Increasing Problem Our Generation Is Facing


God, where are you?

Looking at my phone I realize I only have a few minutes before I have to leave.

I open up to the Proverbs of the day and quickly read as much as I can. Halfway through a verse, my phone lights up with a text message. I grab it quickly to respond… why?

Why can’t I unplug and give God my full attention, and give Him enough time to respond to me. That is what I desire, that is what I need… yet that is not what I do. I continue reading the rest of the verses on the page; my comprehension is only receiving a small percentage. My mind has a continual to-do list revolving, juggling, keeping me on track, but mostly just distracting me. I open up my journal to write a prayer to God. My hand flings across the page leaving a non-legible chicken scratch prayer to the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Although my time spent in quiet time with my Lord was brief, there is also a sense of pride in my heart for fitting it in, my schedule is like most… busy.

Can you relate?

I know my husband and I struggle at times to feel close to God. We wonder where He is… when in reality God is wondering why we won’t slow down; to listen, to rest, to bask in His glory and goodness. It is an increasing problem that our generation is facing. With the amount of stimuli from phones, computers, television, etc. it is a challenge for us to “unplug.” Added to the chaos are stress-filled jobs, demanding relationships, traffic, polluted air, toxic products, and lethal foods… the list continues. We are living in fast-times, where the day-to-day routine is flying by in the blink of an eye, and our bodies are buckling under the pressure. We continue to press forward, because that is what we know, and frankly that is all we have time for.

What would need to be sacrificed to stop and evaluate our lives?

What would need to be sacrificed to make the adjustments that would relieve us?

It’s a scary thought, and at times it makes me feel like I am suffocating.

My friend was sharing a story about the purpose of Central Park in New York City. He said that it was created to keep peace in the middle of a bustling city. Humans cannot handle the atmosphere of tall buildings, cement, and metal vehicles on a daily basis. Central Park is a refuge, a sanctuary, a lifesaver for residents and tourists alike. Over 37 million people visit that park annually. The park has a designated area of 843 beautiful acres. If this park did not exists, I am sure people in Manhattan would go crazy!

Likewise, if we do not designate a space for God in our hearts, and prioritize Him as most important, we will drive ourselves crazy!

This is a battle I continue to fight with our pushy culture. If I want to meet with God and rest in His peace, then I need to be able to unplug and truly give Him my attention. I am confident that if I were more consistent at spending time with God “in the park” my marriage would naturally benefit and grow!

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