Dear Working Mom


Dear Working Mom,

You wake up each morning weary, tired not sure how you are going to get through another day. You anxiously reach for that cup of hot vanilla flavored coffee anticipating the caffeine rush.  You struggle to get the kids and yourself out the door feeling a bit overwhelmed as to what awaits you at the office.  As you approach your desk and power up your computer, a voice inside you whispers, give me your day and I will give you my strength.

You take a deep breath, relinquish your heart, and the peace of God surpasses your soul.

The pressures of work suddenly seem to subside.  You and your boss are getting along, in fact she pays you a nice compliment.  Your co-workers are more enjoyable and are treating you with a different kind of respect.  You are learning who is your master and who is not.  Your job has no longer defined you, it is the love of Christ who drives you.  Because you have laid down the pressure to perform and please man, God has poured out his abundant blessing.  You have been overcome by a renewed strength, a renewed mind.  Obedience always leads to incredible blessing.

You are now waking up each morning with a new energy and perspective.  “This is the day The Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Your new attitude of gratitude has determined your destiny of renewed strength.  You are a working mom who does what she can and leaves the rest in the hands of your master.  Best of all, your husband and children are beneficiaries of your renewed energy and strength.


Your friend,


Julie Pearson is the founder of Gap Gals Ministry.  Her ministry is focused on bridging the gap for women, church & community.  She is uniting women from Christian local churches to offer hope and revival found in Christ.  The pinnacle of the ministry is outreach and impacting lives for Christ through their annual Revive event.


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