Dear Weary Wife


Dear Weary Wife,

Like you, I am a wife, who is also a Christian. Also, like you, there are many days when I feel inadequate as a wife and wonder what I can do to support my marriage.

However, I do not have all the answers. Maybe, I don’t have any of them. Each union between a husband and wife is different. It is unique to each couple and their life circumstances. It is only the Lord who truly knows the intimate details of your circumstances, and He is the only one who can truly heal your brokenness.

Although many of you are struggling to see God in your marriage right now, I pray that you will trust that He has his hands over it. Even if you can’t see it, He is always there. That is His promise.

One of my favorite quotes in Wife After God, by Jennifer Smith, is…

Marriage is vulnerable because it is an intimate union between two sinners.

I have quoted it many times before and I will continue to quote it. Why? Because, it is a reminder to me that I’m not perfect and neither is my husband. It also reminds me that the only way our marriage, and your marriage, can survive this vulnerability is to put it in the hands of God, who is the perfect author of our life.

My friends, there are many stories of imperfect and weary, yet strong and courageous women in the Bible. One of my favorites is Esther. She was a simple Jewish girl who became a queen. And, then was given the task of saving her own people from death. She felt inadequate and afraid, yet God gave her the strength to do the unprecedented.

The beauty of the story of Esther is this…although, the well-being of an entire people group was on her shoulders, she was not responsible for how it all worked out. She was called to approach her husband, the king, to make a request. It was God who did the rest.

The same is true for you, my friends. You are not responsible for how it all works out. Seek the Lord and his wisdom. He will do the rest. Although “the rest” is unknown to you right now, I encourage you to continue praying and trusting. I will do the same for you.

My weary friend, it is not only I who encourage you to take your burdens to God, and to leave them at His feet. Jesus commanded it. In Matthew 11:28 he said,

Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
May you rest in the Lord, with confidence, knowing that He will take care of it all.

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