Dear Fearful One


Dear Fearful One,

Each day you desperately try holding everything together. Through the to-do list and life’s routines it can sometimes be easy to distract yourself from those haunting thoughts that are always just at the surface of your mind. You feel the tension throughout your whole being. Out in public you smile all while trembling inside hoping that no one notices what you see in your own weary eyes. At night, when all is quiet your head starts in with the “what if’s” as you long for sleep to set in.

Fear is exhausting.

This is a burden you were not meant to bear. You are a daughter of the Lord and He has an enemy. This enemy is scared to his very core that one day you might wake up and realize your potential…the power you have in the Lord Jesus Christ. You have the authority to call on the God of the universe to intervene on your behalf…dropping any fear at His feet. Not only is He strong enough to handle any situation…His perfect love will carry you through it all.

Daughter of the King, seek out the Holy Spirit daily and let yourself be filled with His wonderful peace. Feed your mind regularly on the Word of God. As you stand on His promises you will begin to stand in confidence. Let yourself rest in His love. He is here, eagerly waiting to lift this weight from your shoulders and start living these precious days with boldness.

Love always,

your friend


Jessica is the author at Girl in the Corner where she talks about real life.  


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