The Daunting Task Of Grocery Shopping

Is there one thing that comes up in your marriage that fills your heart with anxiety or covers your mind with stress?

You know what I mean… Your marriage is going great, then that one thing surfaces and immediately stirs tension between you and your husband.

Perhaps it’s whether he leaves the toilet seat up after you ask him to please lay it back down.  Maybe it’s whether the bed gets made or that the laundry should land in the laundry basket, not beside it.  It could be deciding which in-laws to spend the holidays with and it could also be your spouse’s forgetfulness to do something you asked.

In my marriage, there is something specific that gets our blood boiling for different reasons – the daunting task of grocery shopping!  It seems like every episode of grocery shopping is a re-run.  We agree to go shopping together, get to the store, grab a cart, enter through the sliding doors, and then bombs explode!  Ok not really… this is what happens:

My husband asks me, “Did you make a grocery list?”

I shrink down, with crooked eyebrows and an apologetic voice, “No, sorry, I forgot.”

Husband: “So what are we here to get?”

Me: “Well what are you in the mood for?”

Husband: “You said you would research recipes and make a list.  This is going to take a while.”

Me: “I know, sorry.”  At this point I would rather leave the store, but we still need groceries, so I deflect, “I will do that this week!  I will make a list for next time.”

It seems easier to say I will try and do something at a later time, but then I usually forget.  My husband would probably not get as frustrated if I didn’t say I would make a list and don’t.  I get frustrated knowing I have to attempt a grocery list…. and the cycle continues! We walk through each aisle asking each other what we should get, with tilted attitudes coating our voices.

I am not sure why it is so daunting to make a grocery list and go shopping, but it is!  I have the hardest time knowing what to make for dinner during the week.  So instead of doing what I said I would, I neglect and shelve the to-do task, until it’s too late and we are standing dubiously in the front of the grocery store.

Do you do anything or not do something that aggravates your husband?

Does he do anything or not do something that aggravates you?

Please share in the comments below and explain how you deal with these issues in your marriage!

Also, do you have any dinner recipes that would help a wife in need? 🙂



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