Date Ideas For Adventurous Couples – Geocaching

date-ideasIf you are like me, you can’t wait to just get out and go…

It really doesn’t matter where (as long as it’s anywhere), when (as long as it’s now), or what you are doing (even if it means just driving in your car with no destination). My favorite thing to do is explore!

Thankfully, my husband is the same way. His adventurous spirit was one of the things that attracted me to him and it’s still one of my favorite characteristics about him. We’ve been on many adventures together and they are always a blast! But…

How do you incorporate your taste for adventure into a date? Hmmmm….

Well, it isn’t your typical “Dinner and a Movie” type date. Hiking local trails and Geocaching are great date ideas for adventurous couples. Both make great day dates and are a lot of fun!

Hiking vs. Geocaching

When Bob and I were dating, we had a great book from our local area that listed all the hiking spots with details on the difficulty, length of the trail, etc. Today, we use the Trails website and their app to figure out where to go. The app is awesome (and free!) and makes it simple to quickly pick a spot to hike based on your location. It makes a spur of the moment date so easy. You can also pack a lunch and have a picnic on the way!

Geocaching is a relatively new, worldwide trend. It’s basically like hide and seek for adults! But, instead of you hiding like in the children’s game, a little “cache” or container is hidden and the coordinates and clues of how to find it and what it looks like are listed on the website. You use a GPS to locate the cache (or smartphone users get the app!). When geocaching with more than one person, it’s fun to be competitive and see who can spot it first. My husband and I are somewhat DEFINITELY competitive with each other when it comes to stuff like this so we always are seeing who will find the geocache first. We even place bets on what the loser has to do for the winner. Sometimes the loser does dishes for a week or maybe the winner gets to pick the movie on the next movie night. I hate doing the dishes!

Unlike just regular hiking, Geocaching turns hiking into a game, and geocaching can also be done anywhere from way out in the boondocks to on a city street. They are hidden everywhere! Just check out for all the caches close to you. They also have an app that takes all the planning out and makes geocaching easier.

Making It Special

I’ve listed a couple more ideas that can make an outdoor adventure just a little more interesting:

-Double date or group date and divide into teams to geocache
-Do guys vs girls teams (this may not seem like a date but it can add a lot of fun between you and your spouse to tease, flirt and add some competition)
-Pack a lunch to picnic on the way
-If you don’t want to picnic, continue the date by grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant close by.
-Set up a geocache before your date as a surprise! Learn how to hide a cache here! Choose a name for the cache and put contents in it that will you know your husband will like, maybe a little love note! He will be so surprised you set him up!

Have fun exploring!

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