Conversation Starters For Date Night!

My husband and I found that getting to know one another is a journey that never ends. As husband and wife, we should constantly pursue getting to know one another intimately. One great way to do that is through communication…sharing with one another our likes, dislikes, opinions, and preferences.

Being unveiled is all about transparency and taking the time to be fully known by offering yourself to your spouse. So don’t delay! Write out some of these questions shared below for your next date night and have fun!

I went to Joanne’s Fabric and bought two sheets of gold sparkly paper (available at any craft store), cut out small rectangles, and wrote one question on the back each.

I am sharing this with you in case you wanted to do the same for your next date night! Here is what they looked like:


Here are some of the questions I came up with to help the conversation flow on date night. Feel free to use them or maybe they will stimulate some creative ones of your own!

Conversation starters for you and your spouse to ask each other during your next date:

  • When was the first moment you knew I was the one?
  • What are seven qualities you love about me?
  • What are three goals that we can strive for this year as a couple that will bless our marriage?
  • In what ways can I serve you and love you better?
  • What is your favorite song right now and why?
  • What are some things I do on a regular basis that fill you with joy?
  • If we could do our honeymoon over again, how would we celebrate it?
  • If you had $1 million what would you spend it on? It can’t be things!
  • How would you describe your favorite date?
  • What has God been teaching you lately?

Please add to this list by sharing a conversation starter in the comments below!

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