An Encouraging Letter To Carrie Underwood

I did not watch the live performance of the Sound Of Music featuring Carrie Underwood, but it was hard to miss the backlash Carrie received following the recent event.  My heart broke for her.  Regardless of her fame or success over the last decade, I can’t imagine those critics’ words didn’t sting.

Among the many demands of Carrie Underwood’s career, she is also a wife.  Any wife, no matter the status can relate to the pressures of marriage.  With the recent barrage of hurtful words swirling about the media in regards to Carrie’s performance, there is a chance that the experience also added to those common pressures.  I commend Carrie for holding her head up amidst the stones being thrown at her.

It is sad that people say such mean things to celebrities.  I won’t stand for it! Don’t let only the critics be a voice to Carrie, let us speak up with positivity to lift her up!

Will you please join me in a love movement to encourage Carrie Underwood and pray protection over her marriage from the pressures from her career?

carrie-underwoodCarrie Underwood auditioned for American Idol in 2004, winning that season’s competition.  Her success in the Country Music industry has yet to slow down since that beautiful win.  She is known for songs such as “Jesus Take The Wheel” and I personally enjoyed a viral video of her and Vince Gill singing “How Great Thou Art” which is available to watch below.  Carrie Underwood is outspoken about her belief in God.

Carrie-Underwood-Mike-FisherCarrie Underwood married Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010. Let us encourage Carrie in her role as a wife and pray protection over her marriage.  The demands of work can easily affect marriage, so let us bring her hope and peace through words of affirmation.

If you are interested in joining this love movement and feel like God is inspiring you to encourage Carrie Underwood and her husband please take some time to follow the steps below:

1. Pray and ask God to anoint your letter.  Ask Him to use you to encourage Carrie and ask Him to inspire the words to write!

2. Write Carrie a brief, personal letter, including words of encouragement and a prayer for her and Mike (Please do not criticize or judge anywhere in your letter, remember this is about reflecting God’s love for them!)

3. Note specifically in your letter that the wives at Unveiled Wife are praying for them.

4. Take a picture of your letter and post it to Twitter or Facebook tagging @unveiledwife and @carrieunderwood

5. Seal your letter to Carrie in an envelope and use the address below:

Carrie Underwood
9000 West Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, Ca


6. Somewhere on the front of the envelope write boldly “”

7. Stamp it and send it!

8. Be an advocate and encourage other wives you know to do the same! (via word-of-mouth, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this!  Please be in continued prayer for Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher. Also, be praying that God uses all of these letters to move mightily in both of their lives and that His will is done.

Here is my letter: 

Dear Carrie,

I remember seeing you win American Idol all those years ago! You have come so far in life and in your success as a Country Music Star.  Congratulations on all your awards and honor received over the last decade! You have made such an amazing impact! You have an incredible voice and I love the passion you express through your songs.  My name is Jennifer and my passion is to encourage wives through my blog  Your recent response to critics caught my eye on Twitter.  I am so sorry you had to hear such negativity.  I hope that God’s Words drown out any other voice in your life.  He loves you so much! He knows your value and your worth.  He cares about your heart and all that you experience in your life, your marriage, and your career.  Continue to press on and press into Jesus.  He will strengthen you for any battles you face.  Cling to the truth of the Bible and as the light of God guides you, His light will shine through you.  There is no doubt in my mind God has already used you to radically impact people’s lives across the world.  You are important and your purpose here is great in all the roles you have including being a wife! I am praying for you Carrie and the wives in the Unveiled Wife community are praying for you and your marriage! Keep Shining!

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

– Jennifer Smith

Unveiled Wife


I pray for Carrie Underwood and ask that you would consume her heart with your peace.  Comfort her and remind her daily of her worthiness.  I pray you would show her the powerful impact and influence she is making in people’s lives through her music, with the voice and the talent you gifted to her.  May your Holy Spirit refresh her and equip her to live graciously towards others, especially her husband.  I pray her marriage is protected from the pressures of their careers.  Help them to connect in a deep and intimate way regularly.  Continue to strengthen the love they share.  Draw this couple close to you God, unveil your truths to them, and help them to be a light to this dark world.  Bless this marriage and their beautiful future in Jesus name AMEN!carrie-underwood-letter

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