The Budget Battle

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My husband and I have been working very hard to rid our family of financial debt. We were drowning and had no clue how to get out of the mess we had made. In fact we didn’t even know how we got into debt.

We found ourselves enrolling into a financial class called Financial Peace University which was created by a man named Dave Ramsey. He created the amazing plan that can help you rid family and personal debt. You need to carefully follow his 7 baby step program. Dave recommends budgeting every penny that comes into your house. He suggests sitting down together and having a monthly budget meeting and encourages lines of communication be open. Financial Peace University changed our lives in ways I didn’t think was possible.

Now, I am sure that I am not the only woman in the world who freaks out when it’s time to tackle the family finances. I am a ‘free spirit.’ I don’t like to be tied down by budgets and number crunching. No way! I shop carefully, waiting until the items I want to go on sale. This is where my husband comes in. He is the ‘nerd.’ He loves numbers. He likes to remind me that I don’t -need- the cute little purse that is finally for sale, no matter how much it matches my personality. My darling husband, hold the reigns when it comes to money, which does not always bode well with me. So, like many other married families here in America…let the battle begin!

Battle!? We don’t need to have a battle. I don’t want to fight. I am sure my husband doesn’t want too either. Not over something so petty! I often forget that we, my darling husband and I, are on the same team. We are one. We are fighting against the debt we have collected, not each other. We are fighting against the sinful nature of selfishness and wanting things just to make us happy. As husband and wife, we ought to be on same team. The hardest part is remembering we are on the same team. We have been working on the Dave Ramsey program for a couple of years now. We have progressed by great leaps and bounds, but have also had our handful of setbacks and emergencies. But we keep at it. I am proud to say that my husband and I started with over $40,000 in debt and we have knocked it in half. We still are working with ‘gazelle intensity’ to pay off the last half of our debt.

I want to encourage you and your spouse to sit down and see where you stand, financially. Be honest with yourselves. Do you fight over money? Is living under a budget difficult? I am not here to sell you any of Dave Ramsey’s products. They were a God-send for our family and made a huge impact on our financial life. I am here to encourage you. No matter what you do for your finances, be on the same team.

So many couples fight over every purchase. So many couples begin to resent their spouse in regards to money. Please take the time to work together in setting up a money system that works for the two of you. The use of communication and grace is critical.. You cannot over communicate when it comes to money. The most important thing I want you to remember is that you and your spouse are on the same team. Go team!

Our financial situation has been improving because we are working together to fight our way out of debt. If you are interested in learning more about the Financial Peace University you can follow this link to learn more: FPU-Dave Ramsey

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