Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ever!


On my 6th Wedding Anniversary I received the BEST wedding anniversary gift EVER!  My husband presented me with a book… but not just any book… a book that he spent a year making.  The front cover has a picture of us on it with the words “Ditto” which is a special word between us.  Anytime one of us sends a text or shares feelings of love and appreciation the other usually responds with ditto.  So when I saw the word ditto in my husband’s handwriting, I knew it had to do with his love for me.

On the back of the book was a collage of pictures of us together that my husband collected from my Instagram.  Below is a photo of the two sides of the book.


As I opened the book I was brought to tears by a small note of introduction.  It reads:


My heart melted as I began reading page after page after page.  A simple design of white with black text that sat in the middle of each page beginning with I LOVE… every page gave a different reason for why my husband loves me.  Each one unique, some humorous, some intimate, some serious, each and every one so endearing. 365 in all.

I was overwhelmed by the gesture of the gift, but more so what the detail he gave throughout it.  Reasons he shared of why he loves me that I never thought he would have really noticed or loved me for, but things that make me who I am.  Things like:


your irrational fear of elevators



that you are fascinated by blue glass

I am in awe of all the thought he poured into this gift.  I still have many pages to read through and even when I finish I know I will enjoy going back through it!  This is by far the BEST wedding anniversary gift EVER!

Here are some more excerpts taken from my book!


If you are interested in doing something similar there are many sites that will allow you to publish your own book, such as blurb, shutterfly, and snapfish just to name a few.

What was the BEST wedding anniversary gift you ever received or gave to your spouse?

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