Behind Every Great Husband, Is An Encouraging Wife!

Praising your husband is vital to the health of his heart and mind. Have you ever heard the quote:

Behind every great man, stands a great woman” – Meryll Frost

great-husbandI believe that a great woman does not just stand there! She is one who cheers for her man, who praises him, who believes in his abilities, who appreciates him and who supports him with wild passion.

Behind every great husband, is an encouraging wife!

Wives, we have an incredible opportunity to be great by being encouraging to our men. A marriage where this is happening is attractive. That level of love and respect cultivates deep intimacy in marriage.

If we want our husbands to be great men, we should be praising their positive attributes and abilities, we should use our words and body language to show them what we think about them. We should be a huge contributor to their self-confidence rising.

Here is a list of phrases, affirmations, praises that you can use to build up your man and show him just how much you love and respect him:

  1. Good job honey!
  2. That looks great.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I respect you for that.
  5. You are amazing!
  6. I love that.
  7. You make me smile.
  8. I believe you can do it.
  9. You are so smart.
  10. Good idea!
  11. You are awesome.
  12. I love you!
  13. I’m so proud of you.
  14. I knew you could do it!
  15. Amazing.
  16. You are a wonderful husband.
  17. You are so generous.
  18. You are incredibly thoughtful.
  19. That is impressive!
  20. Keep going!
  21. Don’t give up!
  22. I believe in you.
  23. You are brave.
  24. You are so strong.
  25. You impress me.

If you are not already using these phrases, I challenge you to try and add them to they way you communicate with your husband this week! Then take note of how your positive encouragement lifts him up and gives him the confidence to be great!

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